Fortnite Dataminer Finds Lady Gaga Poker Face Emote And Fans Think A Concert Is On The Way

A Fortnite dataminer has found audio of a group emote that plays a cover of Poker Face by Lady Gaga, and fans think that she could be the star of the game's next concert.

Yesterday, reliable Fortnite leaker FNLeaksAndInfo shared an audio clip that apparently comes from an upcoming emote named "Jug Band". The emote apparently requires four players who, when joined together, play a jug band rendition of Poker Face by Lady Gaga, complete with what sounds like a fiddle and a banjo.

Although the jug band theme is a little strange and doesn't seem related to Lady Gage, the song being recreated during Jug Band is undeniably Poker Face. The random inclusion of a Lady Gage emote that requires four players has started speculation that she will be the star of the game's next big concert.

To lend evidence to this theory, Fortnite announced yesterday that the second year of the LGBTQ+ event, Rainbow Royale, has begun and that the game's radio station will feature a range of queer artists, including King Princess, Kim Petras, and Lady Gaga. Gaga appearing on the game's radio confirms that she's involved in Fortnite in some capacity, but the Gaga-specific emote makes it seem as if she has a bigger involvement than just a radio appearance.

As reported by Kotaku, Fortnite dataminers were also able to find several assets that hint at an incoming concert, including a new stage and some peace-themed speakers, which point once more to a big concert happening. Although it's not guaranteed that Gaga will be the main headliner of the event, the Jug Band emote and radio appearance certainly point to that being the case.

Lady Gaga appearing in Fortnite shouldn't come as too much of a surprise considering the Epic vs Apple court documents confirmed that plans had been made for her to come to the game in some capacity, as her name was mentioned alongside Ariana Grande and J Balvin, both of whom have appeared in the game, with Grande getting her own Rift Tour event and Balvin getting his own skin.

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