Fortnite Players Can Now Cover Their Opponents In Explosive Goo

Battle royale games that revolve around eliminating opponents with weapons need to be topped up with creative ideas to remain unique. Fortnite might well be the very best at doing that, and Epic Games' latest attempt to make sure its BR juggernaut continues to hold that crown is by letting players cover each other, and everything else, in explosive goo.

Fortnite's v22.10 update went live this week and while it didn't bring a major crossover along with it, it did introduce a couple of new weapons. The most notable of those weapons is The Explosive Goo Gun which does exactly what it says on the tin, or in this case exactly what it says in the blog post. “Cover your targets in a volatile substance that will stick to whatever it makes contact with and, after a moment, detonate!” the weapon description reads.

Think the explosive gel Batman has at his disposal in the Arkham games except in Fortnite's case, you can spray the goo wherever you like. On opponents, the sides of buildings, or the local wildlife if you're feeling particularly cruel. Don't be too liberal with your goo, though. Unlike Fortnite's other weapons, there won't be ammo lying around the island that will allow you to replenish your stocks.

If you want more goo, you'll need to find another gun. On the bright side, the weapon has a higher drop rate right now to celebrate its arrival. It wasn't the only weapon added to Fortnite this week. Throwable Launch Pads have also found their way onto the island. Tossing one on the ground will open up the pad complete with support structures, allowing for a speedy getaway into the sky should you need to make one.

Although there were no crossovers this week, some pretty major collabs are on the horizon. Black Adam flies into Fortnite on October 20, a day before The Rock is immortalized in cinemas as a DC anti-hero. There's also evidence that a Doctor Who team-up is coming soon too, but Epic is yet to officially confirm it or reveal when that might happen.

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