Fortnite: The Best Reasons To Play Chapter 3 Season 3

If you’ve been away from Fortnite for a spell, much has changed. Not only have superheroes, aliens, and Robocop come and gone, but the characters had a war (or two?) between the island and reality. So maybe “much has changed” is an understatement, but regardless, Chapter 3 Season 3 is a great time to hop back in.

This season, the theme is Vibin'. After the doom and gloom of the last couple of seasons, Epic wants a change of pace, so this season is going to be one big party! To lighten the mood they've added a lot of fun new features and brought back some old favorites. The battle pass has the exciting additions of Indiana Jones and Darth Vader and for new and returning players, we’ve ranked the best new features and a couple of great ones you might have missed.

9 The New And Returning Weapons

Now's your chance to burn down enemy watchtowers with firefly jars or catch a loot shark with a harpoon gun. The guns change every season, but this time around, there are more than ever with over twenty new and returning weapons.

The three new weapons are a rapid-fire heavy-recoil rifle, a quick-fire sniper, and a community favourite, the two-shot shotgun which blasts the baddies real nice. Even better are the returning weapons, revolvers, SMGs, and the cow catcher. They have added almost two of every kind of gun, plus three grenades and four exotics.

8 The Many New Challenges and Quests

Break, burn or bash buildings with a semi-truck, drink potions, chew carrots, or just thank the bus driver. There sure are a lot of challenges to complete with more to come!

It’s easier than ever to get XP, rank up, and earn battle stars. You can earn XP across the many different gamemodes and even from the Save The World. If you think your lone fisherman playstyle won’t nab you Darth Vader and Indiana Jones, think again!

7 The Map’s New Tricks and Traps

Scattered across the map are giant Indiana Jones-style boulders which you get rolling with a swing of your pickaxe and bouncy blue mushrooms which build your shield. Bounce around, let some boulders loose and watch the chaos unfold.

These are a couple of the small but fun additions they’ve added across the map. It might be a little tricky to squash someone with the massive marbles but what a surprise it’ll be when you do.

6 The Enormous Reality Tree

This new location is stunning; a fantastical giant tree in light pink and blue surrounded by giant mushrooms and geysers. There’s plenty of loot and in the treetop are four chests, ripe for the picking.

The most interesting addition is the new “reality sapling” trees you can plant and grow over multiple games; which give increasingly rare loot the more you tend to them. If you’re looking to get your hands on a mythic weapon at the start of a match, this is the way to do it.

5 The Building-Breaking Cow Catcher

Slap one of these on a sports car and run entire cities into the ground. Another returning old favourite, the cow catcher is a car mod that turns (almost) any vehicle into a building-breaking juggernaut.

There’s no better feeling than rampaging through the final storm circle and having everyone else run for their lives. It’s surprisingly lethal, and it’s too funny when you smack an unsuspecting squadmate into the sky.

4 The Bouncing Ballers

Half hamster ball and half Spider-Man, it's the most maneuverable vehicle in the game. The baller was last seen almost three years ago and with two-hundred hit points, you can enjoy the wacky machine with relative safety.

Roll over water, swing from building to building, and even grapple another vehicle to catch a ride. Just don't try ramming someone with one, or you might meet a sticky end. To add to the fun, this season they've added rails and a rollercoaster to ride with your baller over at the new Rave Cave.

3 The Grappling Glove

Swing and sling with the grappling gloves; Spider-Man’s web-shooters are back. A tweaked version of the web-slingers added with the original Spider-Man skin, these gloves can be found in the ten purple-painted tool sheds spread across the map.

Open one of these gloveboxes and enjoy life above the crowd but be warned, they only have ten uses for game balancing reasons.

2 The New and Improved Movement

If you got tired of slowly ambling along to the storm circle, that’s a thing of the past. Last season they added mantling, the ability to climb up nearby ledges. So now, even without a vehicle, you can sprint, slide and climb; bringing new life to those slow moments between firefights.

Your character sprints in an arm-flailing dash that is endlessly entertaining and once you’ve tried the new parkour options, you’ll wonder why they didn’t add this sooner.

1 The Rideable Wildlife

If you’ve been waiting to charge into battle on a hog or wolf, now you can! Just jump on top of one of the roaming beasts, and run wild. They can sprint for miles and unlike most vehicles, you can shoot while riding.

Perfect for solos and squads, they can be found throughout the map. And don't worry about having your pig or pooch stolen, the little critter will be your buddy for the rest of the match, and you can feed them meat or fresh produce to keep them happy and healthy.

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