Fortnite World Cup Skins Let Players Express Pride When Real-Life Tournament Won’t

Fortnite launched a new set of skins on the same day as the start of the World Cup. These skins are all highly customizable football costumes but have absolutely no FIFA, UEFA, or club branding on them, but they do let users pick their own colors, as the event is not officially affiliated with the World Cup in Qatar.

"Let them know! Specifically, let the squad know what you’re all about," reads Epic's blog update on the new skins. "The upcoming Let Them Know Set includes ten Outfits based on the beautiful game, all of which you can personalize with multiple patterns and colors. Personalize your Outfit to a look that’s uniquely you."

Notably, the banner image at the top of the page has a skin customized to be in Bisexual Pride colors. In the trailer, there's another character wearing the Trans Pride colors, and the skin customization options make it easy for players to create a football-themed costume supporting all flavors of the LGBTQ+ community.

Fortnite's Let Them Know set comes in stark contrast to the actual World Cup, where players have been barred from wearing One Love armbands under threat of an instant yellow card. The World Cup's host country, Qatar, criminalizes sodomy and sexual intercourse between people of the same sex. Seven European nations had planned to protest Qatar's anti-gay laws by wearing multicolored and heart-shaped armbands during their matches, but FIFA stepped in to warn players that anyone caught wearing the One Live armband would face a yellow card, potentially ejecting them from matches should they receive a second.

Combined with banning beer sales just three days before the tournament (due to Qatar's anti-liquor laws) as well as human rights abuses against migrant workers, World Cup 2022 is proving to be one of the most controversial on record.

The Let Them Know set also includes the Top Trophy Back Bling, Fan Fervor Emote, World Class Pickaxe, and Go for the Goal Spray. All are available now in the Fortnite shop. You can also earn skins by completing daily tasks and going to the Let Them Know redemption site here.

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