Fortnite’s Next Season Is Officially Called "Paradise" And Is Themed Around Chrome

The fourth season of Fortnite's third chapter (not confusing at all) is titled "Paradise" and seems to be focused on some kind of chrome material infecting the island, lining up with previous leaks that put it front and center as one of the main new additions.

Over the past few days, several strange videos that seem to be related to the next season of Fortnite have started popping up on TikTok, which were initially believed to be leaked but now seem to be one of Epic's usual real-world teasers. The clips show various different people reacting as a chrome substance infects their surroundings and starts to spread across the world.

Alongside the videos, Epic also updated the official Fortnite website to reveal the name of the season as Paradise and reveal the logo, alongside tweeting out the TikTok videos on the official Fortnite Twitter account. The website shows the season's logo surrounded by the same chrome material in the teasers while ethereal music plays in the background.

To really push the chrome theme, each of the videos shared on the Fortnite Twitter account also have phrases attached to them, such as "Chrome will consume everything, Chrome will be everything", and "Paradise. It consumes everything", as shared by Twitter account FortniteBR.

This lines up with previous leaks for the season, such as new key art that popped up on the Nintendo eShop, showing what appears to be The Paradigm drowning in the same chrome material we see in the TikTok teasers. Considering the chrome is clearly infecting everything and scaring anyone who comes into contact with it in the videos, it's clear that "Paradise" isn't exactly a positive term and is likely viewed that way from whoever or whatever is spreading the ink around the map.

Aside from these teasers, there's not much else we know about Fortnite's upcoming season, except for more rumours that suggest that players will be able to swim in the chrome, similarly to how players could dive into the sand in earlier seasons.

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