Four best Wordle starting words to become ‘Wordle Master’ – expert tips

Wordle: Susie Dent discusses popular new online word game

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Are you one of the millions of people logging onto Wordle every day to solve the puzzle and beat your score? If you want some tactics to improve your guesses and grow your winning streak, look no further. Here are expert tips on the strongest words to beat Wordle and turn all the tiles green faster.

Wordle is a daily online brainteaser where players have to work out a five-letter word in up to six guesses.

When you guess a word, correct letters turn green, whereas letters in the wrong place turn yellow, and letters not appearing in the word turn grey.

Players can only play once a day, so while the game may feel addictive, you can’t lose hours to the puzzle.

The most popular element of Wordle is the way the game allows you to share your score on social media, using coloured emojis to represent how many guesses it took you.

Because everyone is guessing the same word each day, it can get competitive as people attempt to crack the puzzle in fewer goes than their friends.

If you want to beat your friends and improve your scores, look no further than these tips from language experts at Busuu, a language learning app.

Busuu’s expert linguists have analysed the best words to beat Wordle in as few attempts as possible.

The experts highlighted the most common consonants in English are T, N, S, R, H, L, D and C, while E is the most common of the vowels.

So, for the strongest starting words you’ll want a vowel-heavy word containing a few common consonants.

Starting with a word like IRATE, RETIA, CRIES or TRIED is likely to reveal at least one correct letter.

After establishing the vowels, you can move onto words containing more of those common consonants such as STAND, SHIRT or HANDS.

You should also bear in mind that in the English language, many words begin with RE, CO and IN.

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If you’re scratching your head about word endings, some of the most common are ND and AL.

Federico Espinosa, director of learning design at Busuu, said: “To become a Wordle Master, it’s important to identify the most common letter combinations.

“Spotting these sorts of patterns will help you familiarise yourself with the English language – both inside and outside of Wordle!”

These tips should stop you from getting stuck on a Wordle puzzle, but the game has been known to throw up some surprising and obscure words.

On January 13, the word of the day was ‘FAVOR’, causing uproar amongst British gamers as the American spelling didn’t come naturally to Britons.

When KNOLL was the word of the day on January 24, so many people took to Twitter to complain that the puzzle started trending.

A knoll is a small mound or hill, for those who are still wondering.

After all, even when armed with the tactics to make your guesses as strong as possible – Wordle is still a guessing game, and the fun part is working out the word!

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