Free Digital Anime Convention FunimationCon Reveals Full Schedule

Anime Expo, which is traditionally held in Los Angeles over 4th of July weekend, may not be happening this year thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn’t mean your holiday weekend will be completely anime con-free. FunimationCon is a free digital event produced by, you guessed it, Funimation, the company behind the English dubs and western distribution of some of your favorite anime and manga titles. It wiill be held this weekend–and a full schedule of events has been announced. Take a look at the details on the official Funimation page.

In addition to industry-lead panels that will connect fans to the voice actors, producers, and directors of some of their favorite shows like Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun and My Hero Academia, FunimationCon will also host fan-lead panels and workshops for things like cosplay, fan-made films, and eSports tournaments for various anime video game titles. Professional cosplayers like Riddle will be giving tutorials or leading Q&As and world-premiere screenings of new series such as Deca-Dence will be broadcast. There will also be an assortment of musical guests like Japanese rock band Blue Encount performing at-home concerts for attendees.

The event will take place over two days, starting on Friday, July 3, and continuing through Saturday, July 4 and events will be split between two virtual panel rooms with programming starting around 11AM Eastern or 8AM Pacific. Attendance is free but registration is required. You can make sure you’re set to go by visiting the FunimationCon website.

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