Free Steam Game Muck Was Made Literally Just To Prove A Commentor Wrong

There are many reasons to make a video game. Perhaps a developer has a good idea or they’re passionate about a certain franchise or genre. Or they’re just driven by a desire to make a whole lot of cash, which is often the case.

But out of all the reasons to make a video game, revenge isn’t usually high up on the list. Yet, that’s why a new survival game exists. Muck was created by popular Youtuber, Dani, all because one commenter said that he couldn’t do it. So he went ahead and spent months developing a game just to prove one person on the internet wrong. You almost have to admire someone who’s that dedicated to vengeance.

As explained in this video, Dani received a random comment from a Youtube user claiming that he wouldn’t have the guts to make his own survival game. This was all it took for him to jump headfirst into game development. With the help of some game designers with way more experience and knowledge than him – and the use of their game code – he slapped together Muck, which is available for free on Steam.

For someone who’s not a professional game developer, Muck is actually a pretty impressive effort. It has procedural generation, multiplayer, crafting, roguelike mechanics, and other fancy features. It’s not something that’s going to make Minecraft shake in its boots, but for the price of free, you could do a lot worse.

Currently, Muck has an overwhelmingly positive rating on Steam with several reviews offering it plenty of praise. Of course, it’s hard to say whether these reviews are legitimate since many of them are just the word “muck” with a thumbs up. Hardly a ringing endorsement.

But you have to respect Dani’s commitment to the bit. He truly went ahead and made a game all because one person left a poorly worded comment on his channel. Sure, a lot of the code was taken from other sources – although he gives everyone credit in the video above – but it’s a fully functioning game with decent mechanics that players seem to be enjoying. There are triple-A developers who can’t even pull that off.

You can download Muck from Steam right now and see if Dani’s revenge makes for a fun video game.

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