GAME PS5 stock: When will GAME get Playstation stock

PS5: Sony unveil pricing for PlayStation 5 console

PlayStation 5 units have fallen in and out of stock since November last year. Most people have found themselves unable to secure Sony’s current-gen console, due to high demand from regular customers and scalpers. GAME is amongst retailers lucky enough to receive periodic stock, but they rarely last.

When will GAME get PlayStation stock?

Most stock news recently has filtered through as rumour.

The latest one suggested GAME would receive a batch of new units in January.

While GAME did get some, the stock ran out quickly, and there is no news as to when people can expect more.

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Both Sony and many of the shops they supply have not revealed any concrete days for incoming stock.

GAME has experienced issues with people buying consoles to sell for a premium in the past.

Scalpers have targeted the company and snapped up online stocks to sell at discounted prices.

They gather in groups and use online bots to grab units before the average customer.

A social media account for scalping group Carnage recently boasted it had snapped up 2000 consoles from GAME before everyone else.

Many people will find the problem persists with every new stock update.

GAME insisted that it has check in place for scalping, despite the extremely high demand.

A spokesman told VGC: “PlayStation 5s continue to be in very high demand and that demand far outweighs current supply.

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“We have strong measures in place to help ensure that our ‘one per customer’ statement is maintained to allow for as many individual customers to successfully purchase as possible.”

They added: “All pre-orders are subject to automatic checks and order updates such as cancellations following these checks take place after a customer will have received a valid order confirmation email.

“At the present time these orders are still pre-orders and as such no payments have yet been taken from customers.

“Payments will commence once our order checks have been completed.”

While stock is unlikely in GAME any time soon, other shops have had some luck.

Very was due to have stock in place today, between 10am, and 11am.

But this seems to have run out quickly, with the site asking people to “keep checking back” for another drop.

BT and EE have also started offering more stock, but only for members.

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