Gamers Are Making Some Pretty Awesome Xbox Design Lab Controllers

Xbox Design Lab is back up and running, allowing gamers to create and customise their own Xbox controllers. As you’d expect from the internet, there are some pretty creative controllers out there.

One of the surprise announcements to come from Microsoft’s E3 slate was the re-introduction of Xbox Design Lab. This website allowed players to engrave and customise their own controllers but was shut down last October presumably to make way for Xbox Series S and X designs.

Xbox fans have taken the challenge of making custom controllers to heart and have come up with some really cool stuff. One such set of designs was done by Twitter user ArylinMarie, who created Pokemon-themed controllers for the first generation starters. The Pikachu red and yellow is particularly fitting.

This creation from PSTrophyRoom might be a bit controversial, as they’ve taken the design of a PS1 Dualshock and put it onto an Xbox Series controller. It fits surprisingly well honestly.

Speaking of old controllers, Jordan Oloman went back to Microsoft’s own past to make an Xbox Series controller that resembles the original Xbox 360’s chunky pad. The nostalgia wave is a little too real.

TheGeekManCave decided to try and up the Design Lab’s power level and made some pretty fitting Dragon Ball controllers. The Goku one is particularly striking, leaving Vegeta as second-best yet again.

The controller inspiration goes further than just games, however. Twitter user Peace2Play shared a collection of Avengers inspired custom controllers, and they’re looking pretty mighty.

Saints Row may not have shown up at E3, but at least this Fleur-de-Lis-inspired controller from Twitter user Ejsponge61 will remind you that the series is still out there.

It’s not just gamers getting involved with controller creation either. Beyond the officially marketed controller patterns for Psychonauts 2 and Grounded, here we have the official Outer Worlds Twitter page sharing some designs based on the game’s corporations. If only there was a way to get the Spacer’s Choice head in there somewhere.

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