Games Inbox: Best 3D Zelda, Final Fantasy 6 remake, and Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness review

The Thursday Inbox thinks Battlefield 2042 could be on course to beat Call Of Duty this year, as one reader asks who wants Final Fantasy X-3?

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Modern era
Good review of the Zelda: Skyward Sword HD and interesting comments on the state of the post-N64 Zelda games. If we ignore Ocarina Of Time and Majora’s Mask I think it’s actually a difficult question as to which is the best 3D game, especially as I’m not a big fan of Breath Of The Wild (I can see it’s a good game, but for me it’s not a Zelda).

Personally, I really like Twilight Princess. It may not be as innovative as the others but it has no major flaws either, not like The Wind Waker’s boring open world and Skyward Sword’s dodgy controls. I would accept A Link Between Worlds as the answer, but the graphics are so ugly in that game and that really dampens my enjoyment. The graphics don’t have to be that amazing but I would like them to at least not be terrible.

What ever the answer is it doesn’t really matter, as clearly Zelda is in a very healthy place right now. I might not be a big Breath Of The Wild fan but I’m very interested to see where the sequel goes and any future games and spin-offs too.

End of the story
Nice review of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, GC. It agrees with how I’ve come to think of the game in recent years and what I expected from the remaster. I’d never really considered that Zelda, as a series, had been through a rough patch after the N64 years. There were some good games during that period, but you’re right in that there was nothing that was close to the best. Makes it even more obvious why they want to shake things up with Breath Of The Wild.

I do wonder if there’s going to be some specific references to Skyward Sword in the new game, either in terms of gameplay or story. The stuff in the air does look very similar to Skyward Sword and we don’t yet know the reason for Hyrule Island and all these island being in the sky in the first place.

If Breath Of The Wild is at the end of the timeline then presumably the sequel will be even later so maybe we’ll actually get some kind of closure to the whole Ganon threat?

Retro Fantasy
One of the games I hope Square Enix will remake in the future is Final Fantasy 6, as my first Final Fantasy game and first Japanese role-playing game was Final Fantasy 7 and I never played 6 when it came out on the SNES. Having heard from some people online that 6 is the best, but it would require a lot of work to make it with the original game on the SNES remade for PlayStation 5. I do know you can get a digital copy of the original on PS Vita but I would love a remake on PlayStation 5.
Andrew J.
PS. Obduction and Offworld Trading Company is free on Epic Store from Thursday 15th July at 4pm. Obduction is from the creators of Myst. Offworld Trading Company has been given away free on Epic Store before but you can pick it up at 4pm if you missed it before. I see Epic are using captcha when you add the free games to your Epic Account now.

GC: It’s a long time since we’ve played it, but it certainly used to be our favourite.

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The big chance
Interesting that EA drops the news that Battlefield 2042 will have an opt-out for PC cross-play just days after the issue in Call Of Duty blows up on Reddit. Maybe it’s just a coincidence but everything so far suggests that EA are really on point with this new game and definitely gunning for Call Of Duty.

It’s hard to say how things are going until Activision actually announce their new game but I think a lot of people are disappointed in the rumour that it’s the Second World War so EA could be in the position where Call Of Duty is in a week point and they’re at their strongest.

They’ll still never beat Warzone, at least not quickly, but in terms of paid-for games this seems like their big chance.

Indie catch-up
I was reading about two games recently that caught my interest, the first is Wildermyth, the second Umurangi Generation. Have you managed to play either and have any plans to do a review?

Also, I remember your glowing praise for Sunless Skies some time ago, a game that’s been on my list ever since. I saw recently the port to PlayStation 4 and Switch is out, do you happen to know how either plays?
Keep up the great work!

GC: The problem is both games are a few months old now, which makes it difficult to justify the time for a review. We have heard good things about Wildermyth though, so we’ll see if we can fit that in. We never got the console version of Sunless Skies in, but the Switch version of Sunless Sea worked very well.

Hardware fans
I’m glad to see Microsoft recognising that the Xbox controller was a disappointment and that they’re going to do something about it. It’d say I don’t know why they dropped the ball on it but I’d say the obvious explanation is that they wanted to push people to buying the more expensive Elite model instead. In other words, good old corporate greed.

Everyone does it, so I’m not singling out Microsoft, but it does make me wonder how people ever become so loyal to one company. I don’t know anyone that would say they’re a ‘fan’ of EA or Activision and yet they make the most popular games around, and yet for some reason people treat insults against Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo as if they’ve just cussed out their mother.

It’s been like that since forever, except who now stans for Sega since they don’t make consoles anymore? Does that mean that if Nintendo did ever go third party they’d suddenly find their fans much less loyal?

Personal worst
I do think the whole Joy-Con drift situation is the worst thing Nintendo has done for a long time. I’m sure they’re trying to fix it behind the scenes but this is not some simple game patch that they can put out without any warning. Maybe if they told people what was going on they wouldn’t have got sued so much. Or at least made sure their repair/returns policy was consistent.

If it is just magically okay with the Nintendo OLED I’m not sure what that’s going to do for anyone else, because I’m not suddenly going to go out and buy a new pair.

Resident President
I just watched Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness on Netflix the other night. It did just enough to be a passable effort but I think I enjoyed the stories in the games a lot more. Their ridiculousness works better when you get to actually take part in it. The thing that did interest me though was using the White House as one of the settings. Why has this never been done in the games? It seems like a brilliant idea!

One of the best things about Resident Evil 1 and 2, in particular, is the sense of place, with both Spencer Mansion and Racoon City Police Station feeling full of character and atmosphere. The White House feels an ideal fit for the series, being both iconic and full of history. It seems like the perfect scale too, with some surrounding grounds, plenty of rooms to explore, and an underground bunker.

Not to mention the promise of a zombie president tucked away in the Oval Office! If they wanted to scale it up they could include the Lincoln Monument, Washington Monument, and the US Capitol building (that’s already had a bunch of brain-dead idiots attack it).
Ryan O’D

Inbox also-rans
I don’t think it’s a question of whether FIFA 22 is a rip-off or not, but of how scummy it’d have to be for people not to buy it. I think it’d take a lot more than scamming a few extra pounds for a next gen upgrade for that.

I always wonder with things like Final Fantasy X-3 whether anyone actually asks for these things. From everyone I’ve ever talked to Final Fantasy X is not very popular on its own and the sequel is seen as a joke. So who was pulling for another one?

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Are there are any games or franchises that you’ve tried to play but you just couldn’t get into? What exactly was the issue, and did you try the game because it seemed like something you’d like, because it reviewed well, or for some other reason?

Did you try and force yourself to enjoy the game and how much time did you spend playing it? How often are your expectations of a new game confounded and do they usually turn out better or worse than you hoped?

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