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Ever worry that your yoga mat is harbouring more than just sweat? These sprays are designed to keep your mat fresh, whatever material it’s made from.

Having a good yoga mat is the first step to maintaining a regular yoga practice. But if you don’t look after it, you’ll find yourself buying replacements more regularly… or sacking the whole thing off. After all, who wants to downward dog if their mat stinks?

Your gym may be equipped with essentials to sanitise your yoga mat after a workout, but you might not have the same sprays at home. And it’s also worth noting that not all mats are the same: there are rubber mats, eco-friendly mats, cork mats, bamboo mats and so on. All of those different materials require different ways of cleaning and de-bugging.

With that in mind, we’ve listed five of the best mat cleaners out there to keep you and your mat feeling clean and energised with every workout. You could use a generic all-purpose cleaner or even give your mat a proper water wash, but specific mat cleaners will be much kinder to your mat (some of which react badly to harsh chemicals).

  • Manduka GRP Yoga Mat Restore Cleaner

    Best yoga mat cleaners 2022: Manduka

    If cleaning your mat every day is a chore, then this cleaner by Manduka is perfect for a monthly servicing. This gentle cleaner prevents any build-up of dirt and grime on your mat leaving restored for longer.

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  • OKIE OKIE Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner

    Best yoga mat cleaners 2022: OKIE OKIE

    This lavender-scented yoga mat with aromatherapy properties will leave both you and your mat feeling refreshed. It is suitable for all types of yoga mats and also comes with a cleaning towel, so win-win!

    Shop OKIE OKIE natural yoga mat cleaner, £11.90

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  • BAST Paris – Multipurpose mat cleaner

    Best yoga mat cleaners 2022: Bast Paris

    Scandinavian brand BAST Paris is a straightforward mat cleaner that gives a quick antibacterial refresh to your mat, dumbbells and any fitness equipment. It can be used even on cork mats and cleans up sweat and grime in a jiffy, leaving behind a fresh scent too.

    Shop BAST Paris multipurpose mat cleaner, £25

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  • Jade Yoga Plant-Based Yoga Mat Wash

    Best yoga mat cleaners 2022: Jade Yoga

    Jade has been a household name for eco-friendly yoga products and this mat cleaner is enriched with essential oils such as thyme and oregano. It is specifically good for rubber mats and it does more than cleaning, it has antioxidants that will help with the lifespan of your mat.

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  • Gaiam Yoga Mat Wash

    Best yoga mat cleaners 2022: Gaiam

    With the goodness of uplifting oils such as jojoba, lemongrass, tea tree and coconut, Gaiam’s mat cleaner is non-sticky and is great for a daily antibacterial wipe down, leaving the mat moisturised and ready for your next workout.

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Ultimately, the mat cleaner you buy is down to your preferences, any allergies you have and the scents you like. Regardless of how often and easily you would like to clean your mat, it is best to ensure that your cleaner has antibacterial properties and is gentle on your skin.

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