Genshin Impact: A Complete Guide To Theater Mechanicus

Genshin Impact’s 1.3 update is all about celebrating Liyue’s Lantern Rite Festival. Of course, this means that the city dock has gotten an overhaul, and there are several events to earn travelers free primogems. One of the biggest additions to the game is the Theater Mechanicus, which introduces a tower defense mini-game. This is unlike any other event introduced in the game, and the primary way players earn Peace Talismans, which are needed for redeeming the free four-star character and shopping in the Xiao Marketplace.

For many fans who don’t normally play tower defense, though, this game can be a bit confusing to win.

Starting A Game

After completing Xiao’s story quest, the player can follow a quest in the harbor that teaches them to make Xiao lanterns and then leads them to the Theater Mechanicus table. Every game you play of Theater Mechanicus will cost one Xiao Lantern, and the game can be played as many times as the player wishes. In addition, there is the option to team up with another player in co-op mode to make the game a bit easier.

As you advance through the game, you will unlock difficulty multipliers that you can add on to the match, the more difficult the game, the more rewards you will receive at the end. There are eight different difficulty settings that can be chosen from, and each of them will list the reward multiplier for turning them on.

Once you beat a game, you will want to go to the rewards screen to claim any available Peace Talismans. You will also be able to clearly see what goals you need to release to unlock additional rewards. Most of these goals are pretty straightforward, and as the picture above shows, you will be told exactly how many Peace Talismans you will receive by completing a goal. As the event goes on, more goals will be activated to give players more of a chance to earn rewards.

Using Strategy

The game gives you several spots to set up towers that deal elemental damage to enemies. The goal is to keep them from making their way past you and into your portal; each field only allows a set amount of monsters to reach the portal before you lose. Before the match, you are allowed to pick four characters to take with you into battle. Using their elemental abilities can help the towers to control the enemies.

While you can cause elemental reactions by using the correct combinations of characters and elemental towers, there are some moves that are more lucrative than others. Jean, for example, can literally pick up enemies with her elemental skill and toss them backward. Diona and Ganyu can shoot ice arrows to freeze enemies affected by hydro in place. The game is made so that you can use any character regardless of level, allowing players to get truly creative with how they are controlling the field. Here are a few key tips:

  • Mix and match elemental towers to cause elemental reactions.
  • Set-up towers where enemies are piercing your defense.
  • Choose characters that can knock back or block enemy paths Geo and Anemo really shine here.

It’s best to also take note of which enemies you will be fighting. Remember that pyro slimes won’t be hurt by pyro towers, and samachurls will run as fast as they can through your towers. Shield carrying enemies and abyss mages are also present, so players must ensure that their defenses can be broken down.

Stages And Upgrades

Another important part of controlling the field upgrades. There is a small rest period before and after each match where players can set up new towers. This is a great chance to cover weak points, and after each successful match, you can choose a Mystic art to benefit your game. Most mystic arts will buff your attack damage, give you extra sigils, or allow your towers to fire multiple shots at once.

Next is the armory, where you can pay the sigils you have earned in-game to upgrade the different towers. This works a bit like leveling up characters but won’t cause you to run out to find crystals or flowers. As the event goes on and more parts of the mini-game are unlocked, more upgrades will become available. For now, we have the ability to update the elemental towers to deal more damage to surrounding enemies.

Finally, there are different stages to the game. This means that you will need to look at the stage maps and decide where the best places to put towers will be. As you unlock new stages, things get more complicated to keep under control by just using a simple tower set-up. If you are playing co-op, ensure there is communication in harder maps and difficulties so that you don’t end up easily exposed to enemy forces.

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