Genshin Impact: Best Team Compositions For Nilou

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  • Blooming Potential
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  • Vaporizing Fun
  • Main DPS Nilou

Whenever you're deciding on which character to pull for in Genshin Impact, their preferred party setup is always an important factor. Even if your character is strongly built, their true potential will only come out if you have them in the right team because that's how the combat system is designed in this game.

There are seven elements in the world of Teyvat, and almost all of them cause reactions when they meet another element. Nilou is a five-star Hydro Sword wielder in Genshin, and she has a ton of team compositions where she can flaunt her abilities.

Blooming Potential

  • Nilou
  • Barbara
  • Collei
  • Dendro Traveler

This is one of the greatest team compositions in the entirety of Genshin Impact, and it's almost like Nilou's kit directly signals toward it. Her Elemental Skill has two stances but one of them makes a flower around your active character that applies Hydro to the surrounding opponents constantly.

With the addition of Dendro to the game in the Version 3.0 update, a bunch of reactions involving the element were also added. Bloom was one of these reactions, and it gets triggered whenever Hydro meets Dendro, causing a Dendro Core to spawn on the ground.

Every character in the game has two passives that buff their combat abilities, and both Nilou's passives are based on the reaction mentioned above:

Passive NamePassive Effect
Court of Dancing PetalsThis passive works only when your entire team consists of Dendro and Hydro characters, and there's at least one character for each of these elements. When this condition is fulfilled, the Dendro Cores dropped by the Bloom reaction are converted to Bountiful Cores.

Furthermore, whenever the active character takes Dendro damage, they increase the entire party's Elemental Mastery. This effect can stack up to four times if you allow all your characters to take Dendro damage. The passive can only be triggered after you've performed the third dance of your Elemental Skill.

Dreamy Dance of AeonsIncreases the damage dealt by Bountiful Cores based on every 1,000 HP Nilou has over 30,000.

This team composition makes perfect use of both of these passives in the following ways:

  • Having two Hydro and two Dendro characters with a good application of their respective elements allows for a ton of Bloom reactions to occur in a short period. Almost all of these reactions will form Bountiful Cores, depleting the enemy's HP and increasing your team's Elemental Mastery.
  • Since the team has two Hydro characters, Hydro Resonance is activated, which gives Nilou 25 percent extra HP. This HP counts for the Dreamy Dance of Aeons passive, further buffing the Bloom damage.

While there are Hydro characters with a better application, the reason to use Barbara in this team is that she's a healer. To make Nilou work, you have to take damage from the Cores formed by the Bloom reaction, and you'll need someone to heal that damage.

Although, if you have access to Sangonomiya Kokomi, she is better suited for this team since you have to stay close to the enemy, which allows you to heal from her Skill while you apply more Hydro to them.

Collei and Dendro Traveler's Elemental Bursts are their main contribution to this team, so you'll need high Energy Recharge on both of them. Using Sacrificial Bow and Sacrificial Sword respectively can also help a lot. Moreover, it's recommended to use Traveler's Burst before Collei's because it has a longer duration.

Shocked Elegance

  • Nilou
  • Xingqiu
  • Yae Miko
  • Kaedehara Kazuha

Whenever a character wielding the Hydro vision is released, Taser teams are always an option. An electro-Charged reaction is created when Hydro meets Electro, and it hits up to three opponents at regular intervals, dealing damage and immobilizing small opponents for a second.

The team that makes use of this reaction is known as a Taser team. Unfortunately, the only problem with putting Nilou in reaction-based teams other than Bloom is that both of her passives are rendered completely useless. Regardless, she can still play her part in making this team delete enemies.

While Taser teams are satisfying to use, they're much better against hoards of small enemies. For example, if you're doing a monolith challenge in Spiral Abyss, the game usually spawns a bunch of small enemies in different directions to overwhelm you.

This team is perfect for scenarios like that since it deals extra instances of damage as far as there are multiple enemies, and it also prevents them from attacking the monolith or your characters.

The rotation for this team is quite flexible, but here's what it'll look like:

  • Start the rotation by putting three of Yae Miko's kitsune near each other, so they can be connected. This will start dealing Electro damage to the enemies, which is required for the next part.
  • At this point, you can switch over to Kazuha and use his Elemental Burst to make it Swirl Electro. This is an important aspect of this team because Yae's Electro application will be less against two Hydro characters.
  • Finally, you can switch over to Xingqiu before Nilou and use both their Elemental Skills and Bursts. Once you've done that, you can try to Swirl Hydro with Kazuha's Skill to decrease the opponent's Hydro RES as well.

Once you're done using all the abilities, it's recommended to switch over to Miko and perform her basic attacks for even more Electro applications. Furthermore, you can also switch her with Fischl for a more free-to-play-friendly Electro option.

Similarly, Kazuha can be switched with Sucrose or Venti to get the same effect. The only thing that matters is that you have a four-piece Viridescent Venerer set on the Anemo character that you're using.

Vaporizing Fun

  • Nilou
  • Hu Tao
  • Yelan
  • Zhongli

If you ignore Nilou's passives, it's almost like she was made specifically for this team composition. This beautiful team is entirely based on the HP stat, which is very rare to see since most of the characters in Genshin are based around ATK.

The main highlight of this team composition is the Hydro Resonance increasing every party member's HP by 25 percent, and here's how it'll help:

  • Nilou and Yelan's Elemental Skill and Burst deal damage based on their Max HP.
  • Hu Tao gets an increased ATK when she activates her Elemental Skill based on her Max HP, and this is her main damage source.
  • Zhongli's barrier absorbs extra damage based on his Max HP as well.

As you can guess, Hu Tao will be the main damage dealer of this team, and she'll use the Vaporize reaction. Since this character needs to be low on health, Zhongli's barrier will prevent her from dying as she'll be spending most of her time on the field.

You'll barely break a sweat with the rotation of this team, and you can't possibly mess it up. Once you're in Zhongli's barrier, activate Yelan's abilities followed by Nilou's abilities. This is because the former character's Burst lasts longer.

Next, switch over to Hu Tao and activate her Elemental Skill to watch your enemies get deleted with her charged attacks. You can also use her Elemental Burst if you're not using a four-piece Shimenawa set, but that's her best-in-slot for this team.

Main DPS Nilou

  • Nilou
  • Zhongli
  • Kaedehara Kazuha
  • Mona

It'd be a shame if a character as elegant as Nilou didn't have her own team composition where she performs as the main DPS. In all the party setups mentioned above, you're supposed to use Nilou's Whirling Steps stance of Elemental Skill, and that's where this team differs.

Usually, you'd see Bennett in a team where you're supposed to buff one character, but he's useless with Nilou because Bennett increases a character's ATK, but she scales on HP.

Zhongli is present in this team to protect Nilou while she deals damage with her Sword Dance stance of Elemental Skill, and Kazuha will decrease the enemy's Hydro RES as soon as his skills Swirl the element, increasing her DMG. Finally, Mona can buff Nilou with Hydro Resonance alongside the DMG increase from her Burst.

You won't have to pay a lot of attention to the rotation in this team, but here's what it'll look like:

  • Once you're in Zhongli's barrier, place Mona's Elemental Skill before switching over to Kazuha and using his Elemental Skill and Burst. This will allow him to Swirl the required element.
  • Switch back to Mona and use her Burst before you head over to Nilou. Use Nilou's Burst and Skill, and keep attacking with her until the Hydro infusion lasts.

When you use Nilou's Elemental Skill, you need to make sure to perform basic attacks instead of pressing the Skill over and over. This will allow you to get the Shadow Dance stance which is the main part of this party.

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