Genshin Impact: Best Team Compositions For Razor

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The roster of JRPG characters can be very diverse and colorful. Backstories for those who get involved in the main quest range from pleasant and humdrum to dark and tragic. Depending on these backgrounds, the characters' appearance, class, and abilities can change drastically.

In Genshin Impact, there are plenty of characters who give a strong sense of who they are and where they came from in the first moments that you meet them. This applies to the somewhat serious character Razor, who definitely gives the impression that he has gone through something that you and the other characters would never expect.

Who Is Razor?

Colloquially known as "Wolf Boy", that title tells a lot about Razor. He's an orphan who was abandoned and raised in the wilderness by wolves. Not just any wolf mind you, by a deity known as Andrius, the Wolf Of The North. From him, Razor learned how to survive and defend himself with a somewhat savage fighting style.

Once he grew up, he was met by Grandmaster Varkas, who saw his potential as a knight, causing Razor to leave his wolf life behind. A strong DPS, Razor wields his claymore with ferocity and interestingly uses the Electro element despite Andrius not having it.

The Best Team For Razor

Razor is a pure DPS with attacks like Claw And Thunder focused entirely on dealing damage. The ability The Wolf Within makes him stronger, so he deals even more damage to enemies. As such, it's good to put him at the head of a supportive team.


Since Razor is all about attacking, he doesn't have an effective way to stay fit. That's why you'll need to have Diona, the Cryo-using bow-wielder. She's one of the strongest support healers on the roster and can definitely aid in Razor's fighting.

She can offer protection by using Icy Paws to create damage-absorbing shields based on her HP. Then there's her Signature Mix, which generates an area of delicious healing. Razor can run freely while having Diona's power back him up.


To give Razor more mobility while creating damage setups, you'll need a stable character. By having the Geo-user Albedo aid with his power and sword, Razor will be in good hands. His abilities can actually generate objects to deal solid AoE damage.

By using Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma, Albedo creates a field that Razor can use to create a platform that can elevate him to new heights in order to attack from a different angle. Albedo also can deal heavy damage by using Tectonic Tide within it alongside Razor Electro attacks.


When you have an Electro character like Razor, it's good to have teammates with complementary elements. Not only is Kaeya a Cryo-user, but he's also a tough sword-user. His ability Frostgnaw, which both damages and freezes, makes him a great choice as an attacking partner alongside Razor.

He can also use Glacial Waltz to create icicles that will surround and deal damage on contact. By switching between Kaeya and Razor, you'll be able to deliver high damage consistently.

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