Genshin Impact Is Becoming One Of The Most Expensive Games Ever Made

Genshin Impact was a breakout success for Shanghai-based miHoYo, becoming an internationally popular game played on mobile, PC, and consoles. But the resources required to make the title were big. Very big. During initial development, the game's budget was $100 million leading up to its launch on September 28, 2020. Skip to the present day, and Genshin Impact might well be the most expensive game ever made (thanks Game Rant).

That's because miHoYo constantly updates the game with new content, updates, and social events, rolled out to all the platforms the game is available on. According to one estimate, Genshin Impact is set to become the most expensive game ever developed.

According to calculations based on official information from miHoYo, compiled by Redditor u/KeiraFaith, Genshin Impact could be racking up $500 million in development costs since it launched. This is based on the game's initial budget of $100 million followed by $400 million in annual costs. Last year, miHoYo reported that its budget for Genshin Impact had increased from $100 million per year to $200 million per year. If this continued through to September 2022, this would mean the game has cost around $500 million to develop.

This budget goes to maintaining one of the most successful games on the market, with new characters, in-game events, regional and story updates. Paying for the servers, studio expansions, PR, and all the art and talent required to keep Impact fresh all adds to the costs. But miHoYo wouldn't be able to do this if the game didn't make bank. And it most definitely does.

It's been reported the gacha title has to date generated over $3 billion globally in consumer spending across both Google Play and the App Store. According to a report by Sensor Tower, Genshin Impact made on average $1 billion every six months since launching on mobile. This is a very high grossing game and ranks among some of the biggest money spinners in the industry. It's no wonder its developer wants to maintain this success since the title remains among the top ranks for consumer spending in territories such as China, Japan, and the US.

So the roughly half a billion dollars spent on developing Genshin Impact is paying off well for miHoYo. But then again it is a very popular gacha game.

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