Genshin Impact: Pro Tips For Playing As Yelan

Genshin Impact's limited-time event, Perilous Trail, traps players in the puzzling depths of Liyue's Chasm region and challenges them to find a way out. If you're already feeling claustrophobic, don't worry – you can take comfort in the fact that you'll be accompanied by a cast of beloved allies like Yanfei and Itto, plus as a couple of new faces as well.

One of the new companions that you'll get to know over the course of the event is Yelan, a stealthy specialist who works undercover for the Liyue government. Her methods are as secretive as they are effective, making her a powerful ally to have on your own team. Yelan's abilities have a lot of intricacies to them, though, so let's take a look at several tips and tricks that'll help you on your next mission alongside Liyue's number-one crime fighter.

5 Yelan's Charged Shot Packs A Punch

It's easy to forget about Yelan's Charged Shots since so much of her damage is packed into her Elemental Skill and Burst. However, neglecting these attacks will cause you to miss out on a convenient and powerful source of AoE Hydro DMG.

Whenever Yelan is out of combat for five seconds, her next Charged Shot will become a "Breakthrough Barb," which charges quickly and deals a large explosion of damage based on Yelan's HP. This explosion actually has a greater range than Ganyu's Frostflake Arrows, allowing you to devastate entire groups of enemies with ease.

Yelan can also reset her Breakthrough Barb by using her Skill. For every enemy Yelan ensnares in her Lingering Lifeline, she will have a 34 percent chance to reset her Breakthrough Barb. Therefore, if you want to fire off Breakthrough Barbs as frequently as possible, make sure you hit at least three enemies with your Skill whenever you use it.

Yelan's bracelet will start glowing whenever she has access to a Breakthrough Barb. Who knew that her jewelry was so fashionable and practical?

4 Yelan's Skill Is Super Versatile

Not only is it one of the coolest abilities to exist in Genshin Impact, but Yelan's Lingering Lifeline is also one of the most versatile. For starters, you can tap this ability for a quick dash forward, or you can hold it for a high-speed sprint that lasts three seconds.

Yelan's resistance to interruption is increased while dashing like this, and she will also mark enemies she runs into. When you end the Skill (or when it times out), marked enemies will explode for significant Hydro DMG.

This Hydro DMG will bypass enemies' physical shields (such as the wooden and stone ones Mitachurls hold), which can be really helpful for taking down those enemies without a Pyro or Geo character.

Enemies will also continue to chase Yelan during her Lingering Lifeline, even though you'll be able to outrun or dodge most of their attacks. This allows you to draw enemies together for easier dispatching.

Finally, Yelan's Skill is a fantastic tool for exploring the world of Teyvat. It lets you travel rapidly, and your Stamina will even continue to recharge while you're using it. If time is of the essence, Yelan can get you to your destination in a flash.

3 Yelan's Damage Scales With HP

Yelan will deal out some serious damage numbers when built properly, but she doesn't actually need ATK to do it. The vast majority of Yelan's abilities, including her Breakthrough Barbs, Elemental Skill, and Elemental Burst, all scale based on Yelan's HP. This means that the bigger Yelan's health bar, the more damage she will deal.

If you want to boost those numbers even further, Yelan's Passive Talent, Turn Control, will increase her maximum HP based on how many Elemental Types are in your party. At four unique Elements, Yelan's maximum HP will increase by 30 percent, directly increasing her damage as well as her survivability.

Even though Yelan scales off HP rather than ATK, stats like Crit DMG and Elemental Mastery will still affect Yelan's damage significantly, so don't neglect them.

2 Make Sure Yelan Has Enough Energy Recharge

Yelan's Elemental Burst, Depth-Clarion Dice, is a crucial part of her kit that you'll want to utilize whenever it's available. It has an Energy Cost of 70, which is not the highest Genshin Impact has seen, but it can still be tough to recharge with Yelan's limited Elemental Particle generation.

Yelan's main method of recharging her Burst is with her Skill, which is powerful but suffers from a somewhat lengthy cooldown. As a result, you'll want to boost Yelan's Energy Recharge stat until you can comfortably use her Burst every rotation. A weapon like Favonius Warbow is a great way to do this, increasing her Energy Recharge stat directly while also allowing her to generate Elemental Particles on Critical hits. You might feel like you're sacrificing too much damage by using an ER-focused weapon, but the increased uptime on Yelan's Burst will more than compensate.

1 How To Trigger Yelan's Burst

The coordinated attacks from Yelan's Burst are an exceptional source of off-field damage, but they don't strike automatically. One way to trigger the attacks is when Yelan's Skill explodes and damages marked opponents. This means that you can actually use Yelan's Skill after her Burst without wasting too much of her Burst's duration, which can be useful when Yelan's Burst is already charged, and you don't want the Elemental Particles from her Skill to go to waste.

The other way to trigger the coordinated attacks from Yelan's Burst is with Normal Attacks, either from Yelan or another character. For this reason, Yelan pairs particularly well with characters who have strong Normal Attacks that they can unleash rapidly, such as Ayaka or Yoimiya. The coordinated attacks will also trigger on pseudo-Normal Attacks, such as the strikes from Ayato's Skill or Raiden's Burst, which can create even more opportunities for innovative teams with Yelan at the helm.

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