Genshin Impact: Where To Buy And Farm Raw Meat

There’s no doubt about it, Raw Meat is one of the most important resources in Genshin Impact when it comes to making food. You are no doubt aware that food in Genshin Impact can bestow upon you a huge range of powerful buffs which can make you more deadly in battle, or even level up faster, and many of those recipes require raw meat as an essential ingredient. Yep, you know where this is going, we’re going to break down where you can easily get raw meat in Genshin Impact.

Raw meat is an interesting resource to scavenge for because everyone knows how to get it. You kill wild animals, of course. But if you want someone else to do the cruel work for you, you can buy it. Whether you want to spend your hard-earned Mora or whether you just want to find the best hunting spot in Teyvat, this guide is for you. Just read below for everything you need to know about getting more raw meat in Genshin Impact.

Best Place To Buy Raw Meat In Genshin Impact

There is only one location where you can buy raw meat in Genshin Impact, and this particular shopkeeper won’t even show his wares to you until you have completed several quests involving him and his friends that live in the peaceful village of Springvale. If you haven’t yet been questing in the local area, you might get turned away at the door.

But if you’ve been visiting Springvale and helping out the locals, then you will be able to purchase items from Draff during the daytime – and it does have to be daytime. Draff will sell a bunch of items for you to browse through, but the most important one – especially for this guide, of course, is raw meat. This is the only shopkeeper that sells it, so you might want to come back and visit often.

Best Place To Find Raw Meat In Genshin Impact

As mentioned before, raw meat is collected when you attack animals in the land of Teyvat, and if you don’t want to purchase raw meat from Draff, the only thing to do is attack animals. Animals are absolutely everywhere in the wilds, and you should be aiming for boars and squirrels – birds will drop fowl, which isn’t what we want in this case. If you’re looking for a good hunting location, then the highlands around Brightcrown Canyon make for a good place to hunt as it’s far away from any villages and you won’t be disturbed.

But to hunt animals you should, essentially, just focus on long-range characters which attack fast. Big AOE attacks will wipe out animals quickly and from a distance, making them much easier to hunt. It might be tempting to use a bow and arrow, but this method is slow, and if you’re not the most accurate player, it can be more frustrating than worthwhile. Good luck, you’ll need it.

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