Get An Oreo Themed Master Chief With These Special Edition Packs

When you think of food and drink stereotypically connected to the video game world, you probably think of stuff like Mountain Dew and Doritos. However, Oreos have teamed up with various video games and the like more than you think, but its latest one, a collaboration with Xbox, might be the biggest cookie/gaming crossover to date.

Xbox revealed it has teamed up with Oreo via a blog post this week, confirming gamers with a sweet tooth will need to be on the lookout for limited edition packs starting this month. The Xbox-themed Oreos will have various symbols printed on them. The iconic Xbox logo, of course, as well as the controller's A, B, X, and Y buttons, plus directional buttons too.

There's a reason all of the Xbox buttons one would need to input a cheat code will take cookie form this month. That's because players will need to input certain combinations, inspired by cheat codes from throughout history, to get both their real and virtual hands on some Xbox and Oreo-themed prizes. There will also be codes on the limited edition packs you can scan to win special prizes.

The in-game content waiting to be unlocked will be for Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, and Sea Of Thieves. As you can see in the photo above, a Master Chief skin inspired by Oreo's iconic blue and white color scheme is one of the many prizes up for grabs in the listed Xbox games. There's also a Pagani Zonda with a similar color scheme that can be unlocked in Forza.

If you don't own or play any of those games, or you don't own an Xbox at all, it's still worth seeking out these Oreos, and not only because they're still really just regular Oreos so they're delicious. There are also Xbox consoles to be won, as well as Game Pass subscriptions and “Oreo hardware”. That might well mean we're about to be shown an Oreo-themed Xbox in the near future, or an Oreo controller at the very least.

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