Get Back Into Mii Creation With Nintendo’s New Video

Miis can be adorable, creepy, or whatever you want but yet are rarely used on the Nintendo Switch. Now Nintendo wants to change that by getting users back into Mii creation ahead of Miitopia’s return this month. A new video was just launched on the Nintendo UK YouTube channel reminding us that yes, Miis still exist.

The quirky avatars were quite the staple on the Nintendo Wii, Wii u, and 3DS family of systems. When The Nintendo Switch came on the scene, however, they were pretty much forgotten. Miitopia’s debut on the Switch is just around the corner and a key factor of that game series is of course Mii creation.

Instead of just making Mii’s based on your friends and family, gamers took it to the next level. The new Mii creation system that Miitopia utilizes allows for greater optimization. Some creative people went so far as to make extremely detailed cartoon and anime-themed Miis. The re-creations are pretty spectacular to see. Who wouldn’t want to play alongside characters not currently on the Nintendo Switch?

Since Nintendo Switch made its debut in 2017, there has been a severe lack of Mii use except for your profile picture. All you have to do is head to the settings menu and select “Mii” and create a new one. They are already being used in Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Mario Golf: Super Rush will be the next game to also let you play as your Mii.

Will Miitopia make people care about Mii’s again? That remains to be seen since only the demo is available. What you can do is import other players’ creations from the original game if you have linked your Nintendo account.

Avid gamers are a bit too preoccupied with New Pokemon Snap at the moment and keep finding more and more secrets to unlock, such as alternate routes in our helpful guide.

The new version of the N64 title proves that an old game can definitely be a smash hit for new and old fans alike. Perhaps Miitopia will follow suit with its’ revamp. Either way Switch fans have a ton of new games to look forward to in the coming months.

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