Get Over Here! How To Watch Mortal Kombat In The UK This Week

Mortal Kombat may not have seen its full worldwide release yet, but it’s a smash hit with audiences so far. While critically divisive, the numbers don’t lie – a whole lot of people were sucked in by the promise of over-the-top violence, in what is now the third attempt at a live action Mortal Kombat movie.

Unfortunately for British fans, Mortal Kombat recently premiered in theatres and on streaming service, HBO Max – two things the UK doesn’t have right now. Cinemas are opening no sooner than May 17, but as has recently been revealed, Mortal Kombat will be with us before then, so how do we watch it?

Mortal Kombat will releasing on multiple online streaming platforms Thursday, May 6. You will be able to pick it up on the Sky Store, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play and YouTube. Unfortunately for those of us juggling all the various streaming subscriptions, it will not be available in any preexisting packages, and will set you back an additional £15.99 to rent.

If you were planning to see the flick on the big screen once theatres reopen, you may be out of luck. Cinema chains Empire, Odeon and Cineworld don’t have Mortal Kombat listed anywhere on their schedules, despite advertising other titles. Cineworld does in fact have an exclusivity deal with Warner Bros., however this only pertains to films before they’ve hit home streaming services.

British fans of the iconic, ultra-violent video game series may be late too the party, but they’re still in time to join the confused crowd that has no clear consensus on whether or not it’s a good film. Despite commercial success, critics remain divided, whereas audiences tend to sit on the fence.

Mortal Kombat follows original character, MMA fighter Cole Young, as he is thrown into the Mortal Kombat tournament. Familiar faces include Jax, Sonya, Sub Zero, Scorpion, and Kano – who seems to be the fan favourite. The film has had a staggered international release since first appearing April 8, most releasing dropping in the US April 23.

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