Ghost Of Tsushima October update adds New Game+ and co-op multiplayer

Ghost Of Tsushima’s supernatural multiplayer mode will release for free next month, alongside other updates for the single-player.

Back in August, Sucker Punch announced an online multiplayer mode for Ghost Of Tsushima. Not only is it completely free, but we now know it’s releasing this month.

Officially titled Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends, it will release on October 16, alongside a version 1.1. update that will include some additions for the single-player campaign as well.

The key addition for solo players is the New Game + feature, where you can re-experience Jin’s adventure but with all the Techniques and Gear you unlocked during your initial playthrough.

The difficulty will also be increased, but those looking for a power trip can tune down the difficulty in the menu.

New Game+ isn’t without extra goodies either. You’ll be given a brand-new horse, with its own unique mane and saddle, additional upgrades to your weapons can be unlocked, and more trophies can be earned as well.

Sucker Punch has even given players a reason to replay missions they already cleared in their first playthrough, as doing so will reward you with ghost flowers.

Give these flowers to the new merchant found in Ariake and you’ll receive new armour dyes, vanity gear, and powerful charms that Sucker Punch says could change how you play the game.

As for Legends, Sucker Punch has gone into full detail about what you can expect from that on the PlayStation Blog.

The long and short of it is that two to four players can take part in a variety of missions that involve battling supernatural enemies as one of four classes: samurai, assassin, hunter, and ronin (that last one also comes with a dog you can pet).

It will have its own photo mode, just like the main campaign, and Sucker Punch has assured that all the new cosmetics can only be acquired by playing the game, with no microtransactions in sight.

Though, as a reminder, while it is free to download, you will need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play with other people.

Ghost Of Tsushima is available on PlayStation 4. Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends will release on October 16.

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