Ghost Of Tsushima on PS5 runs at 60fps, carries over old saves

Ghost Of Tsushima will benefit greatly when played on the PlayStation 5, with a new frame rate option and improved loading times.

Last week fans received the good news that the PlayStation 5’s backwards compatibility extends to nearly the entirety of the PlayStation 4’s library.

Not only that but select games will apparently play even better on the PlayStation 5, with one example being Sucker Punch’s samurai title Ghost Of Tsushima.

For those who love their games to run as smoothly as possible, you will be pleased to learn that, on PlayStation 5, Ghost Of Tsushima has an extra option that allows for frame rates of up to 60 frames per second, thanks to the Game Boost feature.

With the PlayStation 5 launching in November, it will follow the release of Ghost Of Tsushima’s October update, which is adding a New Game+ mode, perfect for anyone who’s already managed to pre-order the console.

Sucker Punch does suggest that loading speeds will be improved as well, but didn’t specify how much faster they’ll be.

Quick load times appear to be one of the defining selling points of the next console generation, as it has been reported that the Xbox Series X can load some Xbox One games in less than a minute.

Although Ghost Of Tsushima was already so fast on PlayStation 4 that developer Sucker Punch had to slow it down so there was time to read the hints and tips.

Ghost Of Tsushima is available now on PlayStation 4.

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