Glen Schofield Hired A Golden Era Disney Animator To Hand Draw Movements For Goofy’s Hysterical History Tour

Glen Schofield is the legendary creative lead behind modern horror classic Dead Space and the upcoming Callisto Protocol, and TheGamer recently had the chance to speak to him about his time in the industry during Gamescom. Surprisingly, he didn't start out in horror, but as an art director on licensed Barbie, Simpsons, and Disney games. For the latter, he employed Golden Era Disney animator Milt Neil to perfect Goofy's unique movements.

"I'm art directing and doing most of the art on the Goofy game [Goofy's Hysterical History Tour], and I cannot get it right," Schofield explains. "He's not traditionally animated. I can't figure it out. I find out about an 82-year-old ex-Disney animator named Milt Neil – he worked on Fantasia and Dumbo.

"We'd have meetings and he'd sit there and he'd be drawing Dumbo – luckily, he brought an assistant who listened. He'd be done, and there'd be this beautiful drawing of Dumbo. We got him to animate [Goofy] – he did it in pencil, no wonder I couldn't get it right."

Schofield scanned the drawings and thought, "this is amazing, that's Goofy!" Schofield then went on to hire Neil to do all the animations for the entire game. He thought, "this is the future," and learned that the Aladdin game – being worked on in California – was doing the same thing and hiring Disney animators.

Milt Neil was the first animator Schofield ever hired. Back then, video games could be made with much smaller teams, and he'd always been able to do all the art himself, but Goofy needed that special touch. They say you never forget your first, and that must be doubly true when they're an animation legend like Neil.

Schofield said he never intended to become a video game developer. He studied art and was working as a freelance illustrator doing covers for Game Boy games when he thought, "I can do this, I spent a couple of years learning computer art. I got a job at Absolute Entertainment and never looked back."

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