God Of War Ragnarok Explains Why Kratos Can’t Use All Of His Powers From Greece

God of War Ragnarok finally answers the question of why Kratos can't use all the magic and abilities that he learned during his time in the Greek pantheon.

There's no doubt that Kratos is one of the strongest characters in gaming history, being able to go toe-to-toe with mythological legends like Zeus, Poseidon, Baldur, and many more. However, as noted by several characters during 2018's God of War and its follow-up God of War Ragnarok, Kratos isn't quite as strong as he used to be and is notably missing almost all of his moves from his time in Olympus.

Fans have wondered for some time why Kratos isn't using all of his abilities, with some speculating that they don't work when he's not in the Greek pantheon, and others suggesting that it's a purposeful move by the character to not be the god he once was. Thankfully, Ragnarok offers a pretty concrete reason for it during an optional conversation with Mimir and Atreus.

Similarly to 2018's God of War, Mimir, Kratos, and Atreus will swap stories and chat during boat rides and when walking between objectives in God of War Ragnarok. There are tons of them in the game but, as captured by YouTuber TriniBerry Gaming, one particular one has Mimir asking Kratos about his time in Greece and the powers that the gods over there had.

Mimir says that he's heard that Greek gods could wield "every flavour of power imaginable" and asks Kratos if that's true. Kratos confirms that it is and that he could also wield all of the same powers (omitting that he got most of those powers from killing gods, of course). Kratos then confirms that he's tried to use the magic since then, but that it's never worked, confirming that the fan theory that he was purposefully not using them is untrue.

Atreus than offers the most reasonable explanation as to why Kratos can't use his old powers, saying, "Freya said magic is bound to the earth. When your homeland died, your powers probably went with it". Although Atreus seems to be speculating himself, this seems to be the official reason why Kratos can't just bust out electric and water moves whenever he likes.

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