God Of War’s Norse Saga Being A Trilogy Or Two Games Was "Debated A Lot"

Ragnarok is almost upon us as we gear up for another epic adventure featuring Kratos and Atreus. The God of War series is best known for its original trilogy that followed Kratos' crusade to destroy Olympus. There have been multiple spin-offs along the way, but the original Trilogy is what set the tone for the Greek saga.

However, when the 2018 God of War shifted to the Norse saga, fans expected a similar treatment where we would get another trilogy. Clearly, the developers had a different plan as Ragnarok is confirmed to be the end of this chapter of Kratos' journey. There was a lot of debate that took place before Santa Monica made this decision, explained by the devs in the latest video about Ragnarok’s story.

Spotted by VGC, lead writer Rich Gaubery said, “Whether the Norse saga was going to be a trilogy or just two games was something we debated a lot. There were obviously pros and cons for either approach. So, we waited for Cory Barlog to weigh in, and he did. And he said, ‘let’s do it in two.’" They also mentioned that the game will bring fans closure and will also answer a lot of questions from the first game.

Senior producer Ariel Angelotti added, “This game is bigger than what we initially envisioned. There are a lot of important story moments that we needed to cover. There are more characters that we follow the threads of. And, ultimately, it ends up feeling big and epic because there is a lot there for people to enjoy.” From what the devs said, Cory Barlog, the game’s creative director, was the eventual decision maker behind the game having only two entries. He also explained the thought process behind this last year, when he mentioned that since development takes time, he didn’t want fans to wait 15 years for a trilogy.

But don't feel short changed. A report suggested that the campaign will be around 40 hours long with 4.5 hours of cutscenes. The game’s leaked file size further reinforces this as it's apparently almost twice as big as the 2018 game.

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