Golden Sun Artwork Added To Camelot Website Fuelling Revival Hopes

It's happening, people! Stay calm, stay calm, stay fucking calm! Camelot just updated its website with some artwork of Isaac and a Jupiter Djinn from the classic Golden Sun JRPG. But, we've been burned before, with trademarks filled and Smash Bros' appearances hinted at, all with nothing to show in the end.

As reported by Nintendo Life, eagle-eyed Camelot fans noticed that some changes had been made to its website, which now includes some hi-res images from Golden Sun. Isaac and the Djinn can be spotted once you scroll down the site a bit and look at the sections detailing the company's history. They even bounce around a little!

This has, of course, kicked up quite a stir within the series' still dedicated fanbase. The first two games took us on an adventure across the world as our eight heroes fought to light the four elemental lighthouses and restore the magical properties of alchemy to the land still hold up well today, with brilliant music and gorgeously-animated fight scenes.

Fans have been replying to and quote retweeting the original article shared on Nintendo Life's Twitter account with various desperate pleas and wishes. Calls are for either a new game in the series or a port – anything would be better than nothing at this point.

Journalist Henry Stockdale tweeted that even though "I know Nintendo randomly brought back Advance Wars," they simply won't get their hopes up on just this. Other fans are tweeting the GIF of Hawkeye saying "Don't do that, don't give me hope." We all want to believe, but we've been hurt before.

In other Nintendo news, Mario Strikers: Battle League is getting an update that will finally add Daisy to the roster. You can play as her on July 21 and enjoy her Rabona skill and impressive technical stat. Shy Guy has also been added, but his stats are more determined by the gear you give him.

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