Gotham Knights Batgirl Gameplay Clip Hints At Harley Quinn

A recent Gotham Knights gameplay clip for Batgirl might have just revealed that Harley Quinn will be in the game.

We've known for some time now that Gotham Knights will see the four heroes going up against multiple different villains, including Mister Freeze, the Penguin, and the Court of Owls. Although we haven't had any more officially revealed so far, others have been hinted at through social media posts, and a recent gameplay snippet posted on Twitter might have revealed Harley Quinn.

The gameplay snippet shows a short clip of uninterrupted Batgirl gameplay, showing her gliding down to fight a group of thugs. These thugs are what might have given the game away, as they're dressed incredibly similarly to Harley Quinn's thugs in the Arkham City DLC, Harley Quinn's Revenge. Although Gotham Knights isn't tied to the Rocksteady Games in any way, the fact that these thugs are wearing clown makeup and black and red outfits is a dead ringer for Harley and a big hint that she might make an appearance.

It likely won't be long until we find out who the next villain is. Creative director Patrick Redding said this when asked about his favourite villains in the game, "Some of the villains in our game, not all of whom have been revealed and not all of whom I can talk about, I'm especially proud of. So I would love to do the follow-up to that question in a few weeks when we've had our big villain reveal."

One thing that makes it even more likely to be Harley Quinn is that it's already been confirmed by Redding that The Joker won't be appearing in the game at all. Redding also confirmed that Batman is "really dead" in the game and also won't be making an appearance. This makes it much more likely that the team will have at least included a big-name villain like Harley Quinn.

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