Gotham Knights May Have Removed Denuvo By Mistake In Latest Patch

Gotham Knights received its first major patch since its release last week. The patch was mostly general fixes to common complaints from PC gamers, such as keyboard issues, co-op gameplay problems, and overall game stability. A console patch is planned for later this week and will take aim at common pain points on the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

WB Montreal said that future patches will address performance problems on both PC and consoles, which has been the main criticism of Gotham Knights thus far. We might have briefly seen one such step to improve performance with today’s patch, although it seems likely that was merely a mistake.

PC Gamer noted that Denuvo was removed from Gotham Knights on PC with today’s patch. The anti-piracy software is extremely unpopular as it is known to universally degrade game performance. Although typically kept in the game’s files for months or even years, there are instances of games removing Denuvo after the first week as that’s typically how long it takes hackers to crack game files these days.

However, it seems like Denovo’s removal might have been a mistake. SteamDB notes (via Reddit) that despite having been removed earlier today, Denuvo is already back in Gotham Knights. As expected, players aren’t too happy about Denuvo being restored, but some are noting that the brief existence of a Denuvo-free version of the game will make it even easier for PC gamers to pirate.

Playing a pirated game means no updates, which might be a sticking point for some players looking to get into Gotham Knights. As WB said, performance is an issue, and there are still a lot of bugs yet to squash in this game.

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