Gotham Knights Villains Will Include Harley Quinn And Clayface

The launch date of Gotham Knights is fast approaching and was revealed to have been brought forward by four days at Gamescom to October 21. A new trailer for the upcoming DC game also revealed the quartet of heroes will have a lot of villains to deal with, including Harley Quinn and Clayface.

It has felt a little bit like we've seen too much of Gotham Knights already, especially with two more months to go until it's actually here. The reveal that even more would be shown off at Gamescom was likely met with an eye roll by a lot of those who are still on the fence about playing the game. The latest trailer, which you can check out below, arguably shows off more about Gotham Knights' story than we have seen so far

Best of all, more villains. Arguably the key to any good superhero comic book, movie, or yes, video game. Harley Quinn was the first new villain revealed to be joining Mr. Freeze in the quest to take down Batgirl and co. As the trailer continued, Clayface was also shown off for the first time, disappearing through the bars of a prison cell to escape at one point.

The new trailer makes Gotham Knights out to be something of a Sinister Six story but instead of Spider-Man, the game's four heroes will be the ones tasked with taking down a lot of Gotham's worst. Not only Harley and Clayface, but also Talon. That one some more dedicated fans of DC would have assumed would be in the game since it was revealed long ago that the game's story will revolve around The Court of Owls. Professor Pyg rounds out the new villains shown off at Gamescom.

Despite the reaction to Gotham Knights during its build being somewhat indifferent, it has managed to avoid the big changes going on at Warner Bros. right now. A number of animated shows continue to get the chop, and since the Batgirl movie has been shelved, playing as her in Gotham Knights might well be the only chance you get to see her on any sort of screen for the foreseeable future.

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