Gotham PD Showrunner Says It’s "Very Different" To Fox’s Gotham

If you didn’t already label the fictional city of Gotham as dark, bleak, and rather unwelcoming, then the upcoming Gotham PD will make it abundantly clear. Joe Barton’s prequel series to Matt Reeves’ The Batman will extend a new, grittier branch within the DC Universe, but how different will it be to the five seasons of Fox’s Gotham?

Gotham PD will serve as an HBO Max spin-off show to The Batman, the latter of which is due to release in March, 2022. Reeves’ project wrapped filming last month, presumably opening up Jeffrey Wright’s schedule to star in the series centering around his character. James Gordon will head up investigations within the police department once again, however Wright’s name remains unattached to the show for now. Gotham PD’s promotion as a prequel sparked confusion within the DC fandom over its differences to Fox’s 2014 series, but Barton was on hand to offer some reassuring words.

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