Grounded’s November Update Will Add Deadly Koi Fish, Terrifying New Spiders

As an early access title, Grounded has seen plenty of content updates over the past few months. None of the updates, however, are as terrifying as the one planned for November – set to introduce koi fish large enough to swallow you whole and spiders that can chase you underwater.

The deadly new foes are part of the koi pond biome that will be added next month. Not everything is hostile in the pond, however, as you’ll be able to find tadpoles, water fleas, and a few other harmless critters. To navigate the new water world are a couple new crafting items as well. These include flippers, koi scale armor, and a diving mask.

Any large, powerful weapons you have won’t work as well underwater – much like real life, trying to swing objects underwater is an effort in futility – but you’ll still have access to smaller weapons to defend yourself. And you’d be foolish to jump into the koi pond without a weapon, since the new diving bell spider will chase you underwater.

But no matter what size weapon you have, you’re all but defenseless against the massive koi fish. Like a backyard Jaws, the koi is a devastating new opponent that will swallow you whole unless you come prepared. It’s a terrifying addition, and one that is bound to make the pond a less-than-inviting location.

The team at Obsidian has said that this will be the largest update to Grounded yet, and we’re hopeful that the new biome will be a massive one worth exploring. Beyond the new location, enemies, and craftable gear, some people are speculating that we might see flying insects, new base building options, and even new story content. There’s still a lot that is yet to be confirmed but, no matter how you cut it, this is going to be a huge patch.

Grounded’s next update is scheduled to release some time in November. If you can’t wait that long, you can play a test version on both Xbox One and PC.

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