GTA 5 Player Recreates Fast And Furious 7 Plane Drop Scene

When it comes to player-made creations for games there are some incredible productions out there. YouTubers and creators have used the likes of Sifu, Half-Life, Halo, and Minecraft among others to direct their own movies in. Rockstar's GTA games have also been very popular with those wanting to flex their cinematic skills.

The latest to do so is one 7BucksGaming who has made a truly stunning recreation of the famous plane scene in Fast and Furious 7 with cars dropping out of the sky. That they managed to do this within GTA 5 boggles the mind. Just watch the below video to witness the awe-inspiring production values.

From their YouTube channel it appears that 7BucksGaming is a Grand Theft Auto fan and regularly makes content including tutorials and memes based on Rockstar's signature series. But their latest creation is perhaps the most spectacular to date.

The creator has made extensive use of Rockstar Editor, a feature that PC players of GTA 5 can use to record, edit, and share videos created using footage from the game's story mode and GTA Online. Replying to a complimentary comment under his newly released video, 7BucksGaming said that their creation "would've been better if rockstar editor didn't glitch the clouds like that lol".

The YouTuber has cleverly spliced some parts of Fast and Furious 7 with footage they've captured from GTA 5. But it is remarkable that so much has been captured from inside the game. Even down to the cars it's an impressive recreation of the blockbuster scene from the 2015 film.

Considering that the movies (well at least the earlier ones) involve grand theft auto it's very on theme that the Dom Toretto film has been recreated in GTA. Furious 7 was one of the most successful entries in the series, raking in over $1 billion in record time at the global box office. Now a YouTuber has utilised one of the most successful video games of all time to pay homage to the movie. And remember kids, it's all about family.

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