GTA 6 Could Have Single-Player DLC

Video game insider Tez2 has made claims of Rockstar Games harboring plans to have single-player DLC available for GTA 6.

Tez2 is considered to be pretty reliable given that recent reports pertaining to Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 and the GTA 4 remasters were backed by multiple outlets. Posting on fan site GTA Forums, said user asserted that the publishers will go back to prior plans for DLC integration before GTA Online blew up and prompted a change in course.

GTA Online has been a remarkable success, having come on the back of GTA 5’s launch, leaving the game just as popular as it was when it first launched nearly nine years ago. Fans, though, have continuously lamented the absence of single-player DLC.

In Rockstar’s defense, such a feature would have come through had GTA Online not brought in such unexpected results.

Tez2 has also claimed Rockstar will be working on new cities and missions before GTA 6 launches so there won’t be a rush to come up with resources for a post-launch addition.

“Rockstar will go back to how they were planning future content before GTA Online success boomed,” he wrote. “The first wave of ‘new cities and missions’ we will receive as DLC will definitely be planned out before VI releases. And Rockstar will be able to allocate resources towards whatever new title they will work on after VI release.

“As for the new cities, I think for the most part we will receive instanced new cities or islands. Like Cayo Perico or North Yankton style. That way, Rockstar can introduce a new heist for the next GTA Online mode with each new DLC. If we are lucky, we could receive a fully fledged new city from time to time.”

Rockstar planned “substantial additions” for the current iteration of GTA but scrapped them in 2015 as they needed to switch resources to RDR2 and, of course, GTA Online. They then tried to placate players by declaring that the game’s single-player mode is “massive and very complete” as is, and is “three games in one.”

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