GTA 6’s Protagonist Has Been Modded Into GTA 5

A few months ago the internet broke as gamers became aware of leaked footage and screenshots of GTA 6, such is the fervour and level of anticipation associated with Rockstar Games' next entry in its signature series. Players have been waiting for a long time for GTA 5's follow-up and while most gaming outlets steered clear of publishing the leaked images themselves, they were easily found online.

While we wait for more official news of Grand Theft Auto 6, it's become known that the game will feature at least two protagonists and that one of these will be a woman, which would be a first for 3D GTA. In leaked images as well as through reputable sources we know this protagonist is a Latina woman named Lucia.

It will certainly make a major change as so far the GTA games have featured male protagonists. From Claude to Tommy Vercetti through to CJ, in the PS2/Xbox era, to Niko Bellic in the HD era, before we got the three playable protagonists of Trevor Philips, Franklin Clifton, and Michael De Santa in GTA 5. This latter game has appeared on the PS3, PS4, and PS5, which of course makes the anticipation for GTA 6 extra keen. But one resourceful modder has given players the opportunity to sample a bit of GTA 6's vibe.

Modder Sergio Van Dyk has created the 'Lucia GTA VI' mod for PC players of GTA 5. The creator is careful to say that his mod is a Lucia fanmade creation, while it appears Lucia would take the place of Michael. Some may just want the chance to play as a female character while others might want to try out the Lucia mod to better imagine how GTA 6 might feel to play. The modder also made a video of his Lucia in action, which you can watch above.

As far as the real GTA 6, news continues to trickle out often via indirect sources. We have heard that the GTA 6 map is likely to be 50 percent bigger than GTA 5's. In the flood of the GTA 6 leaks, other developers at the time showed their solidarity by sharing early builds of their own games.

Meanwhile, those looking to add the Lucia mod into their GTA 5 game can find Sergio Van Dyk's creation over on Nexus Mods here.

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