GTA Online Players Are Making Their Armored Cars Look Like Ninja Turtles

GTA Online has been going strong for nine years, and even though Rockstar gives players plenty to keep them busy, they've also taken it upon themselves to stay entertained all that time in various ways. Whether it be creating GTA RP, a unique way in which to play the game where you have a life, a job, and you abide by the rules, unless your character's persona dictates otherwise. Or, you know, something far simpler like painting your car to look like a Ninja Turtle.

GTA Online's Kuruma is now free to the good (and bad) residents of Los Santos. To celebrate the cost of the armored car dropping to zero, ea_yassine shared their impressive collection on Reddit. The GTA player has four of them in their garage, and each has been decorated to look like a different Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

The Reddit user kept the caption simple, relaying the message that the Kuruma is now free. There were plenty of witty quips and more appropriate alternatives to be found in the replies, though. Kurumas in a half shell (of course), Kuruma power (naturally), plus plenty of suggestions as to other TMNT characters players might be able to turn into cars. Shredder appears to be the most popular choice, but as highlighted in the replies, his frame doesn't really fit a Kumura.

Even now they're free, there was really no reason to have more than one Kumura at a time until now. There's also no reason why you can't make this garage your own reality if you so choose. What better way to celebrate the launch of Shredder's Revenge which has been receiving rave reviews since it arrived last week?

Elsewhere in the sprawling world of GTA Online, this week's update has added a limited-time deal that is too good to pass up. A reduction in warehouse prices and an increase in the rewards for special cargo missions means you can currently combine the two and grind to earn millions more than you normally would for the same amount of work. Act fast though, as when June 23's update goes live, those deals will be replaced with ones that almost definitely won't be as good.

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