Guilty Gear Strive How To Unlock More Avatar Items And BGM

If you’re playing Guilty Gear Strive this week, then you’re probably an online fanatic. It’s understandable, GGST has some of the best online netcode we’ve seen in any fighting game, and it looks set to carry us through the rest of the pandemic with ideal online tournaments. At least, that’s the hope.

But if you want to impress your online opponents before you get into the fight, or you just wish to amass a selection of concept art and BGM (Disaster of Passion let’s go), then you should go fishing.

Fishing is a weird gacha minigame that you can participate in while playing Guilty Gear Strive, similar to past games Dragon Ball FighterZ and Granblue Fantasy Versus. This essentially rewards you with entirely optional extras at random in order to reward you for your effort, and give you something to actually spend all of that cash on. In this guide we’ll be breaking down how you can fish for yourself, and what kind of prizes you can expect to see.

How To Fish In Guilty Gear Strive

Fishing in Guilty Gear Strive is fairly simple, once you know exactly where to go. Though the menus can be a tiny bit complicated in GGST, so I’ll make this as obvious as possible.

  • On the Main Menu, select Network and Online Match.
  • Press R1 to access the Park. Choose any lobby you wish.
  • You can either warp using a sign, or you can walk to the right in the lobby.
  • Eventually you will come to a bridge, and the soldier standing to the left side of the bridge will help you access the fishing mechanic.

Now that you’ve found out how to fish, let’s boil down your options. You can either spend $200 to reel in a single fish, or you can spend $2,000 to reel in ten. There’s no particular benefit to saving your money for a bigger pull, but it does make the process much faster to deal with.

Avatar Customisation Items

One of the main items you’ll be earning is avatar customisation items. You’ll be able to equip these in your avatar creator, and rare items will make you look much more imposing and distinct while in the lobbies filled with other players. It’s good to stand out, honestly.


Disaster of Passion, May’s theme, is a song in this game. It is incredible. I’ve embedded it above. Great, isn’t it? Love it. And it’s just one of many songs available to listen to in the game, and you can even set them as your default battle music for online engagements, meaning you can force your opponents to listen to it too. Beautiful.


Movies are essentially clips from the Story Mode of GGST, and some of them are, admittedly, incredibly cool. Giovanna fighting Nagoryuki is flashy as hell, and it’s just one of many character interactions in the story that are truly engaging. It’s a huge step up from Guilty Gear Xrd‘s story mode, and definitely looks better than Berserk (2016), so what more could you ask for?

Rare Fish

Rare Fish are something you’ll catch in place of duplicate items. When you have ten Rare Fish, you will be guaranteed to get a brand new item on your next pull of fish. This does mean that you will probably find yourself pulling Rare Fish a lot of the time after you’ve done a fair few 10x pulls, but it should hopefully make it easier to eventually get every extra item available through the fishing minigame.

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