Guilty Gear Strive’s Next Character Is Fan-Favorite Bridget

Arc System Works has just announced the first character to be part of Guilty Gear Strive’s season 2 DLC will be none other than Bridget, the yo-yo wielding bounty hunter.

A fan favorite thanks to being easy to use and having decent range with that yo-yo, Bridget also comes armed with Roger, a mechanized intelligent teddy bear that’s been possessed by a ghost. Bridget first appeared in Guilty Gear XX and now makes another appearance in Guilty Gear Strive.

Bridget might also bring another LGBTQ+ character to Guilty Gear Strive. Born male in a village in England, Bridget was raised as female owing to a village superstition that said twins of the same gender were bad luck. The villagers would have required Bridget’s family to kill or exile Bridget, so instead, they saved Bridget by raising him as their daughter.

After growing up in high society, Bridget later became a bounty hunter to provide for his parents. However, even after leaving the village, Bridget continued to present himself as female.

And it might be more than just presenting. According to Guilty Gear creator Taisuke Ishiwatari in an interview with Famitsu last year, Bridget is now on a journey of self discovery in Guilty Gear Strive.

"Bridget is still a bounty hunter," he explained. "However, unlike the beginning, the purpose is simply to earn a living. He became a well-known bounty hunter and contributed greatly to his parents and the village where he was born and raised. Bridget is now trying to understand her true self."

The swap in pronouns in the last sentence could very well presage Bridget coming out as trans in Strive.

This wouldn’t be the first time Guilty Gear Strive has clarified a character’s queer identity. Testament, previously described as male in other Guilty Gear games, came out as non-binary in Strive when they were reintroduced as a DLC character in March.

We’ll see what Bridget has to say when she arrives August 9.

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