Halo Infinite Forge Player Temporarily Banned Over Marijuana Map

Halo Infinite’s Forge mode is here, and it’s breathing new life into what many already considered to be a dead game. However, Forge mode creators had better be careful about what content they include in their creations–it could get you banned.

Content creator, music producer, and apparent stoner Loaf Lord found this out the hard way after their latest map got him banned from Forge Mode. That map was called “Juju’s Room,” and it was essentially a recreation of Load Lord’s personal bedroom. And because Loaf Lord smokes marijuana, an accurate recreation included a significant amount of weed paraphernalia.

"I do have bongs, weed, blunts, and other stuff lying around," explained Loaf Lord in a recent video. "Obviously, some things were placed around for, you know, level design reasons, but I do live in a state where marijuana is legal, so I didn't really think much of it. And I also was not trying to promote it or anything like that. I'm literally just recreating my room."

As you can see in the video, the offensive items included a small water pipe and a lighter on the desk next to a keyboard, a larger bong on the dresser opposite the computer, and what appears to be a small nug lying atop a grinder right next to a stir stick. And as every good weed aficionado knows, the best stir stick for fresh-ground green is a dental pick.

"Juju's Room" didn't immediately get Loaf Lord banned. That only happened after Rebs Gaming started sharing the map widely a few days ago. After that, 343 Industries obviously caught wind of it and kicked Loaf Lord off of Forge mode.

"It just sucks, you know? It definitely makes you not want to play the game," recounts Loaf in his video. "Like, just give us some insight on what wasn't appropriate."

Perhaps feeling a tad responsible, Rebs Gaming reached out to Forge Lord Michael Schorr at 343 who suggested Loaf Lord appeal the ban. The appeal worked, and Loaf Lord and Juju's Room are back, albeit with a few modifications that get rid of all the weed stuff.

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