Halo Infinite’s graphics are already a meme and they are Brute-al

One of the Brutes from the Halo Infinite gameplay demo has become an overnight star thanks to the game’s less than impressive visuals.

Whatever Microsoft were hoping the response to the Xbox Games Showcase would be we don’t think it involved Internet mockery for the bad graphics and confusion over what formats the games are coming out on.

Revelations since the showcase haven’t been kind either, with the news that Halo Infinite is not a true open world game and that the demo was running on a PC.

Perhaps the strangest thing though, is that while the gameplay demo was distinctly unimpressive a much shorter trailer released afterwards looked a lot better. Although why, and whether that means it’s more or less representative of the final product, is currently unclear.


One of the main complaints about the graphics is that they look like a current gen game, with technology that is already inferior to something like The Last Of Us Part 2 on PlayStation 4.

The Halo pilot and a character like Joel from Sony’s game are the two obvious points of comparison but it’s actually one of the Brutes, which Master Chief can be seen fighting with at the 4:06 mark in the trailer, that’s become the butt of most jokes.

Influencer Keemster tweeted the initial screen grab last night and within minutes it had been turned into the memes you see here.

Most of these are taken from a thread on ResetEra, although there’s plenty more where this came from on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and elsewhere.

It’s all very embarrassing for Microsoft but all of this will be forgotten very quickly if the game turns out to be good, and especially if the graphics are more in line with the shorter trailer.

Halo Infinite will be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC this Christmas. There’ll likely be a new showcase, to focus on its multiplayer, within the next few weeks.


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