Halo MCC Season 5 Adds New Nameplates For Black History Month And Women’s History Month

Halo: The Master Chief Collection kicked off Season 5 yesterday, bringing with it loads of new content – along with plenty more planned to release in the coming weeks. Some of the coolest timed-content, however, relates to Black History Month and Women’s History Month, as you’ll be able to pick up free Nameplates just for logging in.

Jump into a Halo: MCC match during February or March and you’ll get a slick Black History Month Nameplate, complete with a spray-painted version of Master Chief’s iconic helmet.

Women’s History Month is also getting a limited-time banner, although it’s even more exclusive as you can only pick it up during March.

Beyond those free timed exclusives, you’ll also find 12 timed seasonal challenges. Four of these come with unique customization items – the best of which is the Mister Chief Mariner Helmet, ripped straight from the popular meme. There’s also a Hazard Pay Mongoose skin – which wraps the speedy vehicle in a golden hue – and all seasonal challenges reward you with a massive influx of XP.

“Season 5 of MCC, titled ‘Anvil,’ is finally here,” said 343 Industries. ” From new armor customization for both Halo 3 and Halo: Reach, there are a lot of new ways players can suit up and get ready to finish the fight.” Many of these new customization options can be found in the Season 5 trailer below:

Season 5 will run for approximately two months, before getting replaced by a new season and new content.

Halo: MCC is available as part of Xbox Game Pass, making it easy to join in on the nostalgic fun. The game gives you access to iconic maps, weapons, and game modes seen throughout Halo history, and is arguably the best way to experience the franchise.

With Halo Infinite still a ways off, Season 5 of Halo: MCC is the best way to get your space marine fix. The new season is now live – but make sure to drop in during February and March to pick up your free Nameplates.

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