Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Everything Added In The Quilboar Update

Patch 20.2 is the first major content update to Hearthstone Battlegrounds for several months. It introduces three new heroes, 17 new minions, and an entirely new tribe: Quilboars. The patch also introduces another new mechanic called Blood Gems. These provide a flat 1/1 buff to a minion and have unique synergy with the Quilboar tribe.

Here’s everything added in the new Battlegrounds update, such as the new playable heroes and Quilboar minions. Quilboar synergy will not be added to ordinary Hearthstone decks.

Note: If you have the Battlegrounds perks, the patch is playable from May 4th, whereas others will have to wait until May 18th.

8 Quilboars And Blood Gems

These are the two new big changes to Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Quilboars and Blood Gems. Quilboars are a unique tribe and are the first to be added to the game since Elementals. Blood Gems are a 0-cost card that works a bit like Mukla’s Bananas. They provide a flat +1/+1 boost and offer great synergy with Quilboars.

7 Three New Bosses: Death Speaker Blackthorn, Vol’jin, and Xyrella

There are three new bosses in the 20.2 update.

Death Speaker Blackthorn

Blackthorn is an interesting one from the new update. The hero power grants you two Blood Gems whenever you level up a tavern tier. These 0 cost cards provide a flat 1/1 buff to your minion, but also synergize with many different Quilboar minions.

At first glance, Blackthorn looks like a pretty strong hero. We’ll have to see how powerful the Quilboar tribe is, although this hero power provides some decent strength even if Quilboars aren’t in the game. Putting a +2/+2 on a 1-cost minion is useful during the early turns, for example.


Vol’jin looks great. With a 0-cost hero power that swaps the stats of two minions, there’s clearly going to be some interesting plays made around minions like Deflecto and Hydra.

Stacking stats on an early-game minion and then swapping stats with a more useful mid-tier minion could be incredibly strong. Choosing minions that are easy to scale in the first few turns — such as a Demon, or even a Murloc — could make Vol’jin one of the top-tier heroes in the mode.


Xyrella arrives alongside her legendary card in the Forged in the Barrens update. Her Battlegrounds hero doesn’t appear that strong. For the cost of 2 gold, you can grab a minion from the tavern, though its stats get reset to 2/2.

Over the course of the game, you’re likely to save something like 8-10 gold from this hero power, which is a small advantage but nothing that shouts that Xyrella will be anything above an average-tier hero.

Side-note: although not a new hero, Rat King has received a rework to synergize with the new Quilboar tribe. The hero power will now give Quilboars a 2/2 whenever you purchase one, and the type of minion rotates each turn.

6 New Tier One Minions: Razorfen Geomancer and Sun-Bacon Relaxer

There are two new Tier One minion types for Quilboar: the Razorfen Geomancer and the Sun-Bacon Relaxer. Both provide some serious strength in the early game.

Razorfen Geomancer

3 Attack, 1 Health – Battlecry: Gain a Blood Gem.

Take the Razorfen as an example of this early-game strength: it’s basically a 4/2 minion available on the first turn, but with the flexibility to hold onto that 1/1 buff for another minion.

Sun-Bacon Relaxer

1 Attack, 2 Health – When you sell this, gain 2 Blood Gems.

The Sun-Bacon Relaxer (what an awesome name) is a bit like the Steward but with way better value for gold. You could purchase the Sun-Bacon on turn one, then sell on turn two or three to offer a great 2/2 stat boost to a minion and maintain your economy at the same time.

5 New Tier Two Minions: Roadboar, Tough Tusk, and Prophet of the Boar

There are three new Tier Two Minions: Roadboar, Prophet of the Boar, and Tough Tusk.


2 Attack, 4 Health – Frenzy: Gain A Blood Gem.

Roadboar is a 2/4 Quilboar with a Frenzy mechanic. The reward of a single Blood Gem per Frenzy charge basically amounts to 1/1 of stats each turn. Of course, you could put that 1/1 back onto the Roadboar…and again, and again, again.

Tough Tusk

4 Attack, 3 Health – After a Blood Gem is played on this, gain Divine Shield.

Tough Tusk is one of the most interesting minions added in the new update. At first glance, using a Blood Gem to get Divine Shield for the next round seems fine (it’s a zero-cost George hero power without the permanent upgrade), but it’s when you take a look at the golden version of the card that it gets real interesting: the Tusk Boar will get a permanent divine shield when tripled. It seems good!

Prophet of the Boar

3 Attack, 3 Health – Once Per Turn: After you play a Quilboar, gain a Blood Gem.

Prophet of the Boar is far more straightforward: once per turn you get a Blood Gem whenever you play a Quilboar. Again, this is just a basic 1/1 of stats, and it’s not a Quilboar.

4 New Tier Three Minions: Bristleback Brute, Bannerboar, Thorncaller, Necrolyte

The update brought four new Tier Three minions: Necrolyte, Bristleback Brute, Bannerboar, and Thorncaller.

Bristleback Brute

3 Attack, 3 Health – The first Blood Gem played on this each turn gives an extra +3/+3.

First up, the Bristleback Brute. A simple 3/3 unit that buffs up the first Blood Gem applied to the minion up to 3/3. If you’ve already saved a Blood Gem from earlier this can be an early 7/7 minion.


2 Attack, 5 Health – At the end of your turn, play a Blood Gem on adjacent Quilboar.

Bannerboar pairs up nicely with the Bristleback Brute: it will buff the Brute each turn with a Blood Gem if placed adjacent to it. A good early shop would be Bannerboar and another Quilboar, although on its own it might be a bit slow.


4 Attack, 3 Health – Battlecry and Deathrattle: Gain a Blood Gem.

Thorncaller really sticks out from the Tier Three minions. Its battlecry and deathrattle both provide a Blood Gem, which means you get an instant buff and then a continuous supply of Blood Gems. You might even consider buying this without any Quilboar synergy.


3 Attack, 3 Health – Battlecry: Choose a friendly minion. It steals all Blood Gems from its neighbors.

Necrolyte is an interesting card: it basically lets you transition from some early game Blood Gem buffs into an entirely different build, if you want to. It will cause a minion to steal the Blood Gems from its neighbors.

3 New Tier Four Minions: Dynamic Duo, Bonker, Groundshaker

Three new Tier Four minions have been added: Dynamic Duo, Bonker, and Groundshaker.

Dynamic Duo

5 Attack, 6 Health, Taunt – After a Blood Gem is played on another Quilboar, gain +1/+1.

Dynamic Duo is a 5/6 Taunt minion with even more Blood Gem synergy: whenever you play a Blood Gem on another Quilboar, the card will gain 1/1. Even at a 5/6, the stats are decent for a tier 4 minion.


4 Attack, 7 Health, Windfury – After this attacks, gain a Blood Gem.

Bonker is closely compared to either the Ripsnarl Captain or Seabreaker Goliath from pirates. Each time it attacks you’ll get a 1/1 to use in the next turn. This could snowball into a powerful minion.


2 Attack, 6 Health – After a Blood Gem is played on this, give your minions +2 Attack for next combat only.

Groundshaker’s up next, and this minion is an odd one. You’ll receive a +2 attack on all minions after you play a Blood Gem on it, but it’s not permanent.

2 New Tier Five Minions: Bristleback Knight, Aggem Thorncurse, Agamaggan

You can look forward to three new Tier Five minions: Bristleback Knight, Aggem Thorncurse, and Agamaggan, The Great Boar.

Bristleback Knight

4 Attack, 8 Health, Windfury, Divine Shield – Frenzy: Gain Divine Shield.

Bristleback shows that the Quilboar tribe might well have decent Divine Shield synergy. It stands out as a pretty good Lightfang Menagerie card as well and can operate completely individually from its tribe.

Aggem Thorncurse

3 Attack, 6 Health – After a Blood Gem is played on this, give a friendly minion of each type +1/+1.

This seems like quite a strong card and echoes the Menagerie synergy of Bristleback Knight. There’s definitely a trend of strong Quilboar cards that will be able to play around other builds. Is this a better Lightfang? Quite possibly.

Agamaggan, The Great Boar

6 Attack, 6 Health – Your Blood Gems give an extra +1/+1.

This card appears strong at first, although it becomes more difficult when you compare it to other Tier Five minions that buff, like Lightfang. Does this card provide much value? Well, wait until you see the next minion on the list, Charlga, and you can decide for yourself.

1 New Tier Six Minions: Charlga, Captain Flat Tusk

Finally, there are two new Tier Six minions for you to use.


7 Attack, 7 Health – At the end of your turn, play a Blood Gem on all friendly minions.

This card is pretty strong, even if you don’t have a single other Quilboar. It stands on its own each turn, offering +7/+7. If you get this from an early six drop, it could be extremely powerful. It’s a great card to aim for.

Captain Flat Tusk

9 Attack, 6 Health – After you spend 3 Gold, gain a Blood Gem.

Pigs and pirates — basically the same. Captain Flat Tusk will offer around 2, 3, or 4 Blood Gems a turn, which could offer some useful synergy in the endgame. It doesn’t seem wildly powerful, but it might work in a full Quilboar setup.

Alongside the Battlegrounds changes, Hearthstone is also getting Battle-Ready Decks to get started right away.

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