Heartwarming Narrative Adventure Alone With You: Deep Space Edition Heads To Switch In Early 2021

As a part of PAX Online today, indie developer Benjamin Rivers (who you may remember from Worse Than Death last year) announced that his 2016 narrative adventure game Alone With You would be getting ported over to the Nintendo Switch in early 2021. Coming as part of the “Deep Space Edition,” it seems there will be some new content to go along with this exclusive port. Another title of his, the branching narrative horror title Home, will also be coming to the platform.

A small game with a ton of heart, I’d implore those that are burned out on action-heavy titles or the triple-A hype cycle to give Alone With You a look.

With the industry on the verge of a new generation, sometimes it helps to take a look back at some titles you may have missed over the years. As one of the earliest reviews I wrote in my professional career, Alone With You was completely unlike anything I was expecting to get to cover professionally.

You’ll assume the role of an unnamed character as they investigate the ruins of a distant space colony to discover what really happened. There are elements of horror and mystery, but the ultimate story is that of love. You’ll bond with the memories of the departed and learn to understand their viewpoints as you slowly uncover the truth behind everything. To say this game is emotional would be an understatement.

If you don’t want to wait for this Switch port, Alone With You is currently available on PC, PS4, and PS Vita. The Sony version comes with cross-buy support, so you’ll nab both versions with a single purchase.

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