Here’s Doom Running On A Calculator Powered By Potatoes

Just when you think you’ve seen Doom played on absolutely everything, someone has gone and fired it up on a calculator powered by nothing but potatoes.

A weird trend has arisen in the gaming world recently, or more specifically the corner of the gaming world in which Doom fans reside. Many Doom players appear to be in competition to play the original game on as crude or weird a piece of tech as they possibly can. That has resulted in it being successfully played on a printer, a smartwatch, and even a pregnancy test.

This week is shaping up to be a busier one than normal when it comes to playing Doom titles in unconventional ways. Someone managed to fire up Doom Eternal on a fridge. Perhaps the most impressive feat in this bizarre Doom competition thus far considering the advanced graphics and gameplay when comparing Doom Eternal to the original game in the franchise.

Cue YouTuber Equalo who may have topped that feat just a day after news of a fridge-capable version of Doom Eternal made headlines. Equalo wanted to play the original Doom on a Raspberry Pi Zero. Not that impressive. However, he planned on powering the computer with nothing but potatoes. Stick a potato with some zinc and copper and the chemical reaction turns the vegetable into a very low-powered battery.

Despite his calculations, Equalo was unable to power the Raspberry Pi Zero via the 770 slices of boiled potato he meticulously laid out in his garage. As the days passed, the lack of power became a secondary issue to the smell the rotting potatoes had started to generate. That’s when Equalo decided to try and power a TI-84 graphing calculator with the vegetables instead.

Equalo made sure the calculator was capable of running on a slightly lower voltage than it would be used to and installed Doom on the device. He then hooked up the potatoes and his experiment was a success. Equalo’s journey can be watched in its entirety above. The only downside to the project is living with the smell of rotting potatoes has made the Idaho native hate them.

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