Here’s How You Can Upgrade To Next-Gen Consoles Without Losing Your Cyberpunk Save File

Cyberpunk 2077 arrives in less than two weeks, according to CD Projekt Red’s latest investor call, but because shortages of PS5s and Xbox Series Xs are still rampant across the country, the vast majority of Cyberpunk fans are going to be playing on the current generation Xbox One and PS4.

Thanks to some recently released gameplay footage, we know that the PS4 Pro can run Cyberpunk 2077 just fine, but we’re pretty sure the majority of console gamers are going to want to upgrade during the Cyberpunk playthrough. Thankfully, CD Projekt Red has updated their support pages with directions on how to make sure your save file follows you to the next generation of consoles.

Going from Xbox One to Xbox Series X or S is the easiest of your next-gen options. Thanks to Smart Delivery, Microsoft takes care of everything. Your brand new Xbox Series X/S will automatically download Cyberpunk 2077 and your save file will come along with it. All you need is a working internet connection so that your Cyberpunk 2077 file gets uploaded to the cloud.

On the PS5, things are a bit more complicated. You’ve got three options to transfer your save file from PS4 to PS5. First, and by far the easiest, is using your PlayStation Plus account to upload your save files to the cloud. Then when you log into your PS Plus account on your new PS5, your save file should be available to download.

Your other options are to transfer your save files either using LAN cables, Wi-Fi, or a compatible storage device. Sony has several guides on how to transfer files on both their support and YouTube pages.

It’s a little archaic compared to Microsoft’s Smart Delivery, but it’s a functional solution to the problem at least.

In case you want to play multiple characters to explore all that Night City has to offer, your save files will be marked by Life Path so you can easily remember which version of V is a Nomad, a Corpo, or a Street Kid.

Cyberpunk 2077 arrives on December 10. For realsies this time.

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