High On Life Boss Fight Showcased At Gamescom

High On Life was shown off again at Gamescom as a boss fight from the upcoming Squanch Games title was revealed. More talking guns, more green slime, and more voices that will remind you of Rick & Morty, and there's a reason for that.

That's because High On Life comes from the minds behind Rick & Morty. Justin Roiland has headed up the project, which is why the game looks pretty strange and don't worry, that is a very high compliment. This is the first time High On Life's gameplay has been properly shown off, and it gave a better look at just what you'll be able to do with its peculiar alien weapons.

The talking weapons are more than just guns too. There's a knife called Knifey (what would you call it?) and as shown off below, a claw tool with a very long tongue. That tongue can be used to swing from odd flying creatures surrounding the small, slime-filled arena as you attempt to take down its boss. A boss that presumably has something to do with the humans who are being kidnapped and smoked. Yes, that really is the premise.

It can be pretty difficult to create something unique in video games. At Summer Game Fest, it felt like every other game was a horror title set in space. There's no arguing High On Life us unique. Its first trailer, which was nestled in among those space games the last time Geoff Keighley took to the stage, showcased a number of the game's living weapons, one of which fires off its own kids at enemies and doesn't appear to be all that torn up about it.

High On Life, along with The Quarry, was actually supposed to be a Google Stadia game. Suffice to say, Squanch's biggest title to date won't be coming to Stadia when it eventually does launch before the end of the year. It will still be launching on Xbox Game Pass day one, though. You'll have to wait until December to play it though as its original October arrival was previously pushed back.

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