Hitman 3: Where To Find The Sabotage Tools And Where To Use Them In Dartmoor

Agent 47 has many tools at his disposal in Hitman 3, but some of them don’t even need to be smuggled into the map.

In fact, a few of the most useful tools can be found scattered around the map and allow 47 to mess with his targets in nefarious ways.

What Are Sabotage Tools?

Sabotage tools include the crowbar, wrench, screwdriver, and rat poison, and each of these items have their own uses depending on each map and situation. A little more detail on the specifics of their uses can be found here.

The Setup

Beginning from the default Main Road starting point and default gear, this guide will show you where to find the sabotage tools and some of the best places to use them on the Dartmoor map.

Your first order of business is to take the Private Investigator Disguise. This will allow you to move around most of the mansion without any issue. Run down the road and sneak through the bushes toward the stone wall. Climb over, hang a right and run across the creek and into the bushes. Wait until the private investigator gets close, then toss a coin into the bushes to grab his attention. After he picks up the first coin, you may need to toss another coin at the rock centered in the bushes to be able to knock him out unnoticed. Pick up your coins and put on the disguise.

Where To Find The Rat Poison

#1 This rat poison can be found just outside the graveyard, hiding beneath some burlap sacks in a wheelbarrow.

#2 Another vial of rat poison can be found near a dumpster on the north side of the mansion exterior wall. It is lying on top of a green oil drum.

#3 This rat poison can be found in the staff room on the ground floor of the mansion, lying on top of a washing machine.

Where To Use It

While there is certainly no shortage of drinks to poison scattered throughout the map, one of the more fun ones is in the trophy room on the first floor. Rebecca Carlisle periodically enters the room and drinks out of a bottle on the table. Once she drinks the poison, follow her to the bathroom and dispose of her how you wish. This can come in handy if you’re trying to collect each of the family members’ keys for the “Thornbridge Manor Keys” challenge.

Where To Find The Crowbar

#1 This crowbar can be found in the graveyard on top of a crate tucked in the corner near the undertaker’s workbench.

#2 This crowbar can be found on a box near some gardeners working behind the greenhouse.

Where To Use It

Balcony Ladder Shortcut – This shortcut can be found just outside Zachary’s bedroom on the balcony overlooking the mansion garden.

Maintenance Ladder Shortcut – This shorcut is well hidden. To find it, head to the top floor of the mansion, in Alexa Carlisle’s office, but steal a Bodyguard Disguise to move freely around this floor first. One of the easy ways to do this is to exit to the balcony of the second floor foyer and climb up the drain pipe. After you reach the next floor, climb over the railing and enter through the window on the left, being careful not to get spotted by the staff inside. Move through the glass doors on the left into Alexa Carlisle’s bathroom, and proceed through the staff room door located in her walk-in closet (why is this here?!). Knock out the staff inside, and hide the body in the cabinet in the walk-in closet. Throw a coin at the floor in the staff room to attract the attention of the nearby bodyguard, knock him out, and take his disguise. Now head upstairs to Alexa’s office.

Once inside her office – which happens to be where you can pull off one of Agent 47’s crazier kills – head upstairs and turn around to see an open window above the portraits and mounted animal heads. Climb up and shimmy along the railing to climb up to the window. The ladder is located outside on the balcony.

There are also several fuse box cabinets located around the map that can be broken open to insert/remove fuses, one of which is required for the “One for the Ages” assassination challenge setup.

Where To Find The Screwdriver

#1 This screwdriver can be found on a bench near the photographer’s flash panels located by the fountain in the mansion garden.

#2 This screwdriver can be found in a storage closet near the dining room inside the mansion. It is on a shelf next to a ladder.

Where To Use It

One of the more useful places to use the screwdriver is located right next to where you find Screwdriver #1 at the mansion garden. You can break the electrical outlet behind the chair that has been set up for the family portrait. This sabotage is actually how you complete the “One for the Ages” assassination challenge.

Where To Find The Wrench

#1 This wrench can be found lying on the fountain in the center of the garden at the rear of the mansion.

Where To Use It

One place to use the wrench effectively is to repair the distillation kit in the greenhouse at the rear of the garden. This is necessary in order to complete the “Poison Ivy” and “Another Death in the Family” redacted challenges.

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