Hitman 3's VR Team Is 10 – 12 People Plus QA, Says IO

Hitman 3’s VR support was built up by a surprisingly small number of developers – just 10 to 12 people worked on the integration.

That is according to a recent Game Informer article talking about the assassin sim’s new VR support. This team makes up only a small percentage of the entire IO staff – a 2016 MCV article put the studio’s headcount at around 170 developers. This week’s article also notes that, obviously, Q&A staff worked on the VR support too.


It’s undoubtedly impressive based on what Hitman 3 is set to offer in VR. The entire game can be played inside the PSVR headset and you can even import old levels from Hitman 1 and 2 to see them with fresh eyes too. Plus IO has integrated motion control support in the DualShock 4 for an entirely new way to play.

“Everyone gets super excited,” lead game designer Sidsel Hermansen said of the PSVR support. “The coders also got super excited, like, ‘We could do this!’ and ‘Actually, we usually wouldn’t go there, but aw, f— we have to do it,’ right? So that excitement has really driven us and we’ve done much more than should be possible on a relatively small team because of the excitement. I don’t know if that was surprising, but it’s been a beautiful thing.”

Hitman 3 lands on January 20th. You’ll need the PS4 version to play with PSVR, even if you own a PS5, but both versions of the game are included if you pick it up on PlayStation. No word yet on possible PC VR support.

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