How Nintendo Switch Online Made Me Stop Pining For Virtual Console

When Nintendo first introduced the Switch Online classic games catalog featuring NES games, I bemoaned the announcement of what I saw as an inferior content delivery system. Not only were we asked to play with a substantially smaller library of games than what we had on Wii or Wii U, but I didn’t even have the option to buy those games. Instead, we were given a small library of games from a single console with no way to carry over entitlements from previous purchases or actually own the classic games I was playing. I felt Nintendo Switch Online was a worse service in every way, even as Nintendo expanded the offerings to include a robust NES and SNES library.

Then in 2020, something changed. With many of my normal social activities put on hold, I found myself with more free time at home than ever before. I largely spent that time getting caught up on TV shows, movies, and, yes, video games. As part of that, I dove deeper into the classic game offerings on Nintendo Switch Online – after all, I was paying for the whole suite, not just Super Mario World, as my playing habits could have led you to believe. What I found was a wide range of titles I had either never heard of, never played, or completely forgot about from my childhood. 

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