How To Turn The Slowpoke Line From Pokemon Into D&D Monsters

The Pokemon franchise is designed around single-player experiences and PVP multiplayer battles. It’s not built for the group party dynamics of a game like Dungeons & Dragons, but the monsters from Pokemon can still be used as enemies for parties to face. To this end, we have statted out the Slowpoke line for use in D&D adventures.

Everyone has their own favorite Pokemon, but there are a few Pokemon that are almost universally popular with the fans. There are the cool Pokemon that have earned a fanbase for being awesome in battle, like Lucario and Greninja, but there are some Pokemon who are popular because of their derpiness. Slowpoke is similar to Magikarp, in that fans love them because of their shortcomings. It’s clear that the Slowpoke line is also popular within Game Freak, as it has received a ton of support over the years, with a new trade-evo in Gold & Silver, a Mega Evolution, and two Galarian forms.

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Slowpoke’s Stats

There are people who love their cats and dogs, even though they can be lazy. There are few animals as lazy as the Slowpoke, but people are more cautious about keeping them around the house, thanks to the strange powers they possess.

Slowpoke are strange mammals that reside near lakes, as they primarily hunt fish to survive. We say “fish”, but the truth of the matter is that a Slowpoke would struggle to catch a snail under most circumstances. Instead, when Slowpoke become hungry, they tap into their peculiar psychic abilities and stun the fish around them, sending them bobbing to the surface of the water. Slowpoke can also be found in underground caves, so long as there are bodies of water with fish nearby.

The magical nature of the Slowpoke’s abilities has baffled many researchers. Psionic abilities aren’t unheard of in many of the D&D campaign worlds, but the extent to which this simple animal possesses them is startling. It’s fortunate that these powers seem to be responsible for slowing the Slowpoke’s faculties, otherwise, it would be far more dangerous. Slowpoke can also fire jets of water from their mouth if they feel threatened, which can pierce through flesh.

The other amazing aspect of the Slowpoke is its incredible regenerative qualities. A Slowpoke only needs to rest for an hour to heal all of its wounds. There are isolated villages where the residents will sever a Slowpoke’s tail in times of need, as they know it will regrow by the next day. The fact that the Slowpoke doesn’t show any pain during the procedure makes it easier for its owner to accept this choice. The Slowpoke continues to pull the same grin that it always does during the procedure, which onlookers find unsettling.

Slowbro’s Stats

Slowpoke feed on fish, but there are times when aquatic life will try to eat them. A Slowpoke sitting by the water can occasionally have its tail munched on by a fish or aquatic monster. On rare occasion, the creature will become addicted to the taste of the Slowpoke’s blood, ballooning in size and transforming into a horrible shell-like monster. By the same token, the Slowpoke will grow larger and gain greater control over its abilities, transforming it into a Slowbro. There are researchers who have theorized that the monster on the tail and the Slowpoke develop a symbiotic relationship. It’s possible that there are chemicals in the Slowpoke’s body that inhibit its ability to act. Once the creature on the tail starts draining these chemicals, the newly-formed Slowbro develops into a stronger creature. There are even rumors of fish latching onto the Slowpoke’s head, transforming it into an even stronger creature, but these are only whispers from a distant land…

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